A good relationship is always sweet, lovely, and fun. The commitment, dedication, fulfillment, and even pleasure that come with it are super amazing. But, just sometimes, breakups happen often between dating partners. And with marriage, it’s rather referred to as a divorce. Many reasons can trigger a breakup, but the good news is you can handle these reasons the right way to avoid a breakup or to mend a broken relationship/marriage. So, are you interested in knowing why most lovers break up in their relationships so you can avoid them in your relationship? Or are you concerned about amending your broken relationship? Worry no more.

In this fantastic article, you’ll discover the 12 major reasons why most love partners break up in their relationships. Then, again, you’ll figure out the solutions for each reason to either protect your relationship from breaking or mending a broken relationship.

What Is A Relationship Breakup?

A relationship breakup is the parting of two dating partners for one issue or the other. Relationship breakup can come in many ways and reasons, irrespective of the bond between partners or friends, be it electro-valent or covalent bonding. From my research and experience over the years, a relationship breakup can happen without the love partners preparing for it.

However, it’s pertinent to note that every relationship breakup has long been intended by one partner, if not both partners. So, there’s always a prior breakup in mind before the actual breakup. In addition, keep in mind that some reasons also justify a breakup in a relationship. More on this later.

Simply put, a relationship breakup is a situation where one ends their relationship with the other partner. And the bitter truth is that no matter how many years a relationship has existed, it can still break apart if a partner screws up. For example, a breakup can occur when:

  • Dating partners decide to quit
  • One partner finds another lover
  • One partner loses interest in a relationship
  • A partner is not satisfied
  • Little or serious misunderstanding happens
  • There’s no peace, love, and understanding
  • One partner is over-controlling
  • A partner bullies another often
  • There’s a financial challenge
  • and then some.

The above preamble introduces us to the reasons lovers break up in a relationship, and this’s the heart of this amazing article. So, in this section, you’ll figure out the 12 major causes of a relationship breakup and solutions to each of them.

12 Major Reasons Why Lovers Breakup In Relationship & Solution

  1. Cheating in a relationship
  2. Lack of true love
  3. Lack of value for one’s partner
  4. Dissatisfaction in a relationship
  5. Lack of a mutual understanding
  6. Lack of trust in a relationship
  7. Betrayal in a relationship
  8. Financial Issues in a relationship
  9. Health Issues in a relationship
  10. Marriage Timing
  11. Long distance relationship
  12. Lack of respect & open-mindedness
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1. Cheating in a relationship

Cheating is one of the most reoccurring reasons why lovers cheat in a relationship. both men and women cheat, but it’s likely to be found more among men. However, women seem to cheat the most, but they are hBothardly caught in the act. While men do not cheat often, but they are caught almost every time they cheat. So, to answer the question, ‘who cheat the most between men and women’? – Men cheat less but are always caught. On the other hand, women cheat more but are experts, and so they are hardly caught.

Cheating in a relationship can come in many ways, knowingly or unknowingly.

When does cheating occur?

  • Sleeping with others
  • Flirting with others
  • Being unfaithful
  • Chatting romantically with others
  • Denying being in a relationship
  • Having feelings for another person
  • Best friends with opposite gender
  • Deep crush on a specific individual
  • And more

Again, some factors can cause cheating in a relationship.

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Factors that lead to cheating in a relationship

  • Having very close friends (besties)
  • Lack of respect in a relationship
  • Dissatisfaction in a relationship
  • When a partner is not God-fearing,
  • When a partner is drunk
  • Long distance relationship
  • Spending time with specific individuals

However, it’s important to know the lovely and best ways to prevent cheating in a relationship so you can always avoid cheating in your relationship. And, if you’ve cheating issues in your relationship, these points will totally rescue you.

How to prevent cheating in a relationship

  1. Having agreements with your partner
  2. Laying a solid relationship foundation
  3. Being fond of each other
  4. Understanding your partner
  5. Learning not to be over jealous
  6. Holding occasional marriage/relationship counseling
  7. Justifying your existence
  8. Why not cheat?
  9. Limiting cheating opportunity
  10. Becoming best of friends

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2. Lack of true love

True Love is the warmth, tenderness, passion, desire, feeling, and unconditional sentiment, regardless of good times or hardships. There should be total commitment, dedication, and selfless attitudes between the love partners for true love to exist. The lack of true love is one of the major factors that lead to a breakup in a relationship.

You probably know that some people fall in love with one another because of their physique, money, position, and more. And any love that focuses on any of these is always not genuine. This is because true love has to do with unconditional love, both in essence and existence. True love flows from the heart, and even when there’s no money, good position, and more, the love continues to play. However, for true love to be realized, there may be a need for some material things for attraction and addiction.

If a relationship lacks genuine love from both partners, it has a higher tendency to die. So, how do you realize true love in your relationship?

How to get true lover

To get a genuine lover, you must show true love. Of course, love is always what you reciprocate. Again, it’s important to know what you want in a relationship, man or woman. That’s not all. When going into a relationship, endeavor to consider all the major things you want to achieve and ensure it’s achievable with your partner. For example, if you want a relationship that will lead to marriage, you should evaluate your partner to check if they are a gem.

Keep in mind that true love is built with time. It doesn’t come spontaneously. So, take good time to access your partner and ask him questions according to what you want to achieve, and make use of their answers.

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3. Lack of value for one’s partner

Your partner may desire you but yet not value you. And if your partner does not value you, your relationship may break. Therefore, value is of utmost importance in every relationship. In fact, for true love to exist, there must be great value for each other. And if you’re wondering how to know if your partner values you or not, relax and let’s explore the 10 signs your partner values you in your relationship.

10 signs your partner values you

  1. They ask you for advice and take it serious
  2. They always appreciate your role in their lives
  3. When they always want to make you happy
  4. They are totally honest with you
  5. They don’t cheat on you
  6. When they accept your differences
  7. They are selfless to you
  8. They give you time and attention
  9. When they always want to be with you
  10. They always talk good about you

How to make your partner value you

Your partner will naturally value you if they truly love you. But, if they do not value you to the moon and back, you can earn the value from them using some lovely strategies.

First, ensure you have something to offer your partner. I do not mean satisfaction on the bed. The most important thing is you must have value before your partner values you. Yes, only valuable things/persons are valued. But how can you be valuable? There are many ways you can accumulate more value for yourself.

You can be valuable through these ways:

  • Gain more skills and solve more problems in the society
  • Be a problem solve
  • Take good care of yourself
  • Have a good job
  • Be smart, brave and optimistic
  • Do not keep irrelevant friends
  • Exhibit exceptional qualities
  • Offer to help financially
  • Provide moral support
  • And more

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4. Dissatisfaction in a relationship

Most relationships have been shattered because of dissatisfaction. This is the act of not being pleased with your partner in one way or the other. Most love partners, especially the ladies, look lovely and stunning before getting into a relationship, but they care less about their appearance when they do. Also, most men strive to get a woman by pouring oceans of praises to her and showing her tenderness, love, and care. But, when they finally get into a relationship, they start changing and become dormant.

However, it’s important to satisfy your partner. A relationship is a bond, and so you should be committed. When you do not satisfy your partner, you’re giving room for a potential breakup.

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5. Lack of a mutual understanding

Without a mutual understanding, no two parties would progress. So, lack of understanding is one of the important reasons lovers break up in a relationship. For a relationship to work out fine, the partners should understand each other’s differences and work towards achieving the most out of them. But, if you’re having understanding issues in your relationship, you’re not left out.

To enhance the level of understanding in your relationship, you and your partner should have a relationship reconciliation where you iron out some things. The partners should employ their strengths to work on their weaknesses.

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6. Lack of trust in a relationship

This is the height of it all. Trust issues can shatter your relationship in a few seconds. The negative thing about trust issues is it takes ample time to heal. And so, if you want your relationship to last long, it’s important to work on building trust with your partner. And to keep the ball rolling, you and your partner must maintain trust. A little trust issue can lead to many damages in a relationship. You may ask, ‘how do I build trust in my relationship? Relax, I’ll show you how.

Before you earn trust in a relationship, you must show your partner reasonable reasons to trust you. And the best way to achieve this is by being faithful. But, of course, nobody loves to be cheated on, including you. The good news is there are ways to avoid or get rid of trust issues in a relationship.

6 effective ways to avoid lack of trust in your relationship

  • Be faithful to your partner
  • Ensure your partner is faithful too
  • Avoid occasions of mistrust
  • Do not promise what you cannot do
  • Do not tell lies to keep things going
  • Try not to keep friends with negative influence

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7. Betrayal in a relationship

Some partners seem to be unfathomable. These types of partners tend to betray one another. This might result from exposing secrets of friends given to you in confidence, lying to your spouse, and cheating on your spouse. However, betrayal could lead to a lack of trust and even a breakup in a relationship.

8 Interesting ways to avoid betrayal in your relationship

  • Be contented with what you have
  • Have a relationship reconciliation often
  • Give good advice to each other
  • Don’t allow a third party
  • Avoid irrelevant friends
  • Talk less and listen more
  • Hide nothing from your partner
  • Don’t make decisions when you’re angry

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8. Financial issues in a relationship

No matter how materialistic this point may look, some relationships break up because of financial issues. This can work on both sides; when a partner makes huge money and becomes poor. For example, when a partner becomes rich, they may feel their partners are off their league, leading to a relationship breakup. Also, when a partner becomes poor, the other partner may step out of the relationship, especially if the latter partner doesn’t have true love.

How to avoid breakup from financial issues in a relationship

  • Build a true love (unconditional love)
  • Learn some exceptional skills
  • Don’t fully depend on your partner financially
  • Learn not to forget how you started
  • Assist your partner both financially and emotional
  • Uplift your partner when they are down
  • Too much money? Do some investments.
  • Don’t let people influence you negatively
  • Don’t allow third party
  • Do freelancing or more for backup

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9. Health issues in a relationship

Most people break up in their relationship because of some health issues. For example, a partner can break up when they sustain a serious injury, becomes disabled, or have some chronic disease. Apart from sicknesses, one of the major health issues that leads to instant breakup in a relationship is the Genotype.

Now, the issue of genotype seems to be justifiable, especially before marriage. But, of course, the different genotypes should be known and their compatibilities. For example:

Genotype marry and not marry

  • AA genotype can marry AA or AS partner (100% recommended)
  • AA genotype should not marry SS partner (100% not recommended
  • The AS genotype can only marry AA partner (100% recommended)
  • AS genotype may marry AS partner but at a (50/50 risk)
  • AS genotype should not marry SS partner (100% not recommended)

However, there are some alternative ways to marry otherwise. To avoid such issues totally, it’s important to check it out before getting into a relationship and marriage.

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10. Marriage timing

You may wonder what I mean by ‘marriage timing.’ Relax, I’ll explain everything to you. Now, most partners in a relationship have some age-gap differences—for example, a relationship where the woman is 26 and the man 24. Because women marry earlier than men, the woman may be tempted to marry at 26, 28, or 29, and the man still waits for 28, 30, or 32 on his own side. This type of scenario can lead to a breakup in a relationship.

I’ll tell you a life story. During my first degree in the University, two of my mates were seriously in love with each other. They have dated for years and hoping to get married one day. But unfortunately, the girl was 28, and the guy was 24. It was a tough decision, but they resolved to part away to have the lady marry at her 29, and the guy getting into another relationship at his 25.

However, it’s important for the man to be 2-year-and-above older than the woman to avoid this issue. But age is just a number and shouldn’t be a barrier to true love.

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11. Long distance relationship

Most people do not fancy long-distance relationships. Partners under this category would prefer to stay with their partners often, and if not so, there would probably be a problem. Long-distance relationships could lead to cheating, unfaithfulness, and more negative influences, especially those who cannot do with it.

How to deal with a long-distance relationship

  • Call each other daily
  • Chat real good regularly
  • Check each other’s progress
  • Make a way to see each other once in a while

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12. Lack of respect & open-mindedness

Last but not least, lack of respect and open-mindedness are also significant reasons lovers break up in a relationship. For a relationship to be valuable and reputable, there should be respect from both partners. This way, each partner will accommodate another’s differences.

Furthermore, when both partners are open-minded, they seem to hide nothing from their partners, enhancing the beauty of the relationship.

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How to gain respect in a relationship

  • Be simple, yet principled
  • Respect your partner
  • Do not be a talker
  • Address issues constructively
  • Be brilliant and have some skills
  • Play your roles excellently
  • Be elegant

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The Bottom Line

You have seen the 12 major reasons why lovers break up in a relationship and the effective ways to work on each point. Now, keep in mind that there are other minor reasons why lovers break up in a relationship. Some of them include:

  • Having no relationship goals
  • Lack of interest
  • Excessive Pride and ego
  • Influences from bad friends/third party
  • And more

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However, to grow your relationship daily, ensure to consider all these reasons/factors and make the most out of them. And in the end, your relationship will continue to be stronger and sweeter. And, one more thing, endeavor to share this lovely piece.

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