Change in Relationship/Marriage

Just a second is enough for a man to change in a relationship/marriage, but there are numerous reasons that trigger this change. Most of the reasons are cogent while some others are weird as you will discover in this lovely article. The aim is to expose you to the reasons why men change in their relationship/marriage, and the things a woman should do in this scenario. Let’s get into it right away.

Psychology proves that 90% of every relationship/marriage is always very sweet at first. The lovers shower each other love with frequent romantic calls, uncountable love texts, mind-blowing gifts and surprises, romantic love and affection, 100% attention and care, and a lot more. But, many lovers tend to CHANGE with time.

For many reasons, they argue and have several misunderstandings, have fewer feelings for each other, lie, nag, and even fight with each other, develop cheating tendency and a lot more abnormal behavior. This CHANGE in relationship/marriage is the central focus of this lovely article.

Now, keep in mind that Change in a relationship/marriage can come from any of the partners. Although, most people have argued that men are the ones who normally change, while some others think it is ladies who should be blamed for any change in a relationship/marriage. The central question becomes, why is there a negative change in a relationship/marriage? Why does the man change with time? Why does the lady start exhibiting strange attitudes suddenly?

Do you Encounter These?

As a lady, do you wonder why your man changing right away for no substantial reason? Are you thinking about what happened to the man you fell in love with? Does his change in nature bother you a lot? Are you trying to find out the reasons behind the change? Well, this article will suffice all your questions. This is recommended for all and sundry because it exposes the men to all these important factors as well as clarifies the ladies on what to do when their partners start changing, proffering reliable solutions to the issue of Change in a relationship.

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Most times, men become prey to change and women find it difficult to understand the reasons for this change. They try to figure out if it is due to their surroundings or their friends or simply because of the fact that they wish to change without any reason. Confusing, isn’t it?

There are so many important factors that could make a man change suddenly in a relationship/marriage. Of course, men, as well as women, have the tendency to change suddenly because of many reasons. Keep in mind that a man cannot change without a reason. The most important thing is the justification of the reasons why he changes at any moment.

Urh! Who are these men we are discussing?

Men are always seen as the head of every relationship or marriage. This is because they (men) do the toughest work in every relationship or marriage, though not all the time, but they are seen as being at the top. Guess what, this particular reason gives some men the effrontery to do otherwise most times…

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Let us be practical, consider a man who labors and gets a lady engaged and later pays her bride price and marry her, not to talk of the money he will spend in organizing the wedding ceremony. In some countries and tribes, it seems to be the fact that the man is buying the lady in question from her parents.

Again, in a relationship, the man is assumed to be taking care of his girlfriend by providing almost everything she needs. Men, in the course of trying to play his role, will buy many things and foot the bills of the lady. So tell me, why won’t they have the upper hand change easily when they are not having interest again? Be guided that this should not be a reason for men to cheat. Now, let’s talk about the major reasons why men change in relationship/marriage.

1. Men Change in Relationship  When they feel Unsatisfied

Hey! Satisfaction here doesn’t entail the one gotten from sex, although it could be among. But, think of this, when a man stops seeing or observing the qualities that attracted a lady to him at first sight, what do you think will happen?

Now, this satisfaction could be that he no longer sees the beauty in his woman/girlfriend because she has stopped maintaining her beauty. Unsatisfaction could also mean that the lady is no longer nice to him as she was at the beginning.

Talking about beauty, it is true that the older one gets, the more the beauty fades, but most ladies stop appearing beautifully after getting what they want, either marriage or boyfriend, unless occasionally.

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The advertisement of a lady’s beauty should start fully after being in a relationship or marriage. When she does this, the man will continue to love her more and more and also take care of her. There will be no reason for him to change or cheat on you.

One thing you must know, a man who is mentally alright can never change without a reason. But, if at all your man start changing and acting strange, there are easy ways to get him back to track.

What to do! 

As a lady, think about what attracted you to him, check yourself if you still do those things? Do you still dress gorgeously as you use to? Do you still wear some skimpy clothes for him when you are at home? If you still cook sumptuous meals just as you did at the beginning?

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Are you still talking like an angel or have you become a lion suddenly? It could be your smile that attracted him, then always give him that beautiful smile. If he was attracted because of your natural intelligence, then keep on solving his problems through your natural intelligence.

It could be that he was attracted because of how you walk, then why not do the same? If possible, start cat-walking for him.  If he was attracted because of how intelligent you are and how you always have solutions and good advice to difficult issues and conditions, then refresh your mind and intellect and do more concerning that.

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Wear sweet and romantic perfume, and smell good for him if you feel that is what attracted you to him. Study your man and know what he likes and try to make him happy by doing all that. In return, he will not change from caring and loving you.

2. Maturity & Responsibility

As time goes on, everybody grows. And the more a man grows, the more he becomes matured and becomes more accountable to more responsibilities. The more he becomes mature, the more he changes. Psychology shows that man changes the more he gets matured because he will be loaded with many responsibilities the more. When a man becomes more responsible, he seems to change.

This normally happens in marriage. The responsibility of a man will make him deviate from what he has been doing as a youth. Think of when a man is 26 years, he drinks, goes for outings because he has lesser responsibility. In order to put himself to a level to meet up with his responsibilities when he becomes 35, he could change.

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What to do!

Study your man and know the things that border him. Try to make him happy and remind him that you are always there to help him. Give him good advice and pray for him as well. Know his responsibilities, if you can, help him with some of them… Surprise him often. If he enjoys massaging, try your best and massage him, it eases off some stress after some tedious work.

3. Bad Friends

Following bad friends is one of the highest things that can make a man change from caring and loving you whether in a relationship or in a marriage.

When a man starts hanging out with a bad gang, he learns bad things he doesn’t know earlier, either smoking, drinking, or womanizing. It is said that ‘evil communication corrupts good morals’, and also ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’.

In other words, men can be influenced by the thoughts, actions, and behaviors of their fellow-men when they go out with the wrong types of friends.

What to do!

Be very observant about the friends your husband or boyfriend keeps. Make sure you remind him of the need to keep away from bad gangs… Do you know that when you treat your husband or boyfriend very well, he becomes your baby? He will start acting like a kid…  Guide your man and be like a mother, sister, best friend, and lover to him. Then, respect your man. If he is a good man, then he won’t have any reason to change from loving you.

4. Money

Surprised? Yes, money can easily make a man to change. It could take both sides; when a man starts making much money and when he starts becoming poor.

Unfortunately, most men go for ladies that are of low or middle class just because they (the men) don’t have enough money. And when they start making money, they tempt to go for their dream girl. When this happens, the man changes automatically and start paying less attention to you.

What to do!

Do you figure out that he is changing because he is now making a lot of money? Don’t frustrate him by wasting the money; using the money extravagantly or planning to get him robbed; it will not solve the problem, rather It will worsen it.

Make him understand why there is a need to always prepare for the misfortunes of tomorrow; Encourage him to save money. If possible, extort money from him and save it for both of you to use in the future.

If you are newly married and maybe have gotten little kids, make him understand that those kids are growing every day, and the more they grow, the more their needs become more expensive, and without money, their needs won’t be meeting up with.

I remember one of the strategies of my Mum when I was little. My Dad started making a whole lot of money suddenly, and the amount in his account started to influence him.

My mum then brought my brothers and I out from a particular basic school we enrolled and put us in an expensive school where the fees are high. What happens! Much money will be flowing in and out. Those monies were not wasted, and everything balanced again.

Just do necessary things with the money, change the curtains, and the kitchen utensils. Encourage him to invest more with his money. Tell him to build a shopping mall if the money can do it.

Help the poor and the needy also. And most importantly, try as much as possible to give him advice and encouragements always.

If he is your boyfriend, try to encourage him to channel the money to his Careers. If he is a musician, encourage him to buy new musical instruments, tell him to start-up a personal studio. Is he a welder or an engineer? Try to encourage him to work towards having his own company. If he is a young lecturer, encourage him to build a basic school for pupils and even go to international conferences.

How about Change Influenced by Poverty?

On the other hand, if you observe that your boyfriend or your husband is changing because he is getting poor, try as much as possible to encourage him and demand less from him. Supply him with motivational and inspirational ingredients to spice up his feelings. If you have or earn more, then it is time to rescue him.

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One more thing, bear it in mind that when a man is suffering in order to make it in life, he monitors how much help his woman is rendering to him, how attached you are to him even in his poor nature. So as a girl, if you continue to help him as he suffers, he will never forget you or change from loving you when he makes enough money.

Nevertheless, there are other factors that can lead to Change in a Relationship

Such factors as Fatherhood (If he is married), Emotions, loneliness, and experience. 

Finally, study your husband or boyfriend, and figure out the things he likes doing, and do it with him even when you don’t know how to do it. If he likes music and plays the guitar, try to play and sing with him.

Do not always surf the internet always when he is around you. If he likes football and playing games, try to compete with him and in the end, you will see how happy he will be. If he likes dancing, show him that you can dance more than Michael Jackson.

There are many more related articles about love, relationship, and marriage to boost your relationship/marriage. Just keep following us.

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