Hooking-up with the Right Person

Honestly and seriously, people should quit settling for less the people they honestly desire to settle with. This is one of the principal reasons for incompleteness in marriages and relationships. Love is just not enough. Most times you see a guy day-dreaming about marrying a powerful, elegant and classy young woman but finally he walks down the aisle with a reversion of the case, yet compares his spouse with the woman who measures up to their standard.

In the same way a young woman desires a particular type of man but some end up not getting just a replica of that type of man. Why?


Now the reason is not because these envisioned, picture, imagined, prince-charming does not exist. Just like they say “There is no Perfect man”. Actually there is no perfect man qua perfect man but your perfect man exists – A man you want the way you want him – .

Most girls at their very young ages desire some particular type of men. For some, he should be very wealthy, for others he should be a very religious man. For others, he should be highly intelligent, while for some others, he should be very hardworking.

But, as their ages start ascending, they realize that they have not yet gotten their dream men and then it results to ‘visiting mushroom churches’ for misleading prophecies. There, they are told they have been chasing shadows and illusions. Afterwards they are given a person below or even very below their taste to marry all in the name of prophesies and divinations. The repercussion is that they are not very happy and not much attracted. Attraction is super important.

 Now, I am not saying that all prophecies are false or misleading. Actually some prophecies have being proved to be true. The truth is that these burning desire or taste for a particular type of spouse is actually achievable.

I am going to be unraveling a little secret now, you can’t stop reading now!

Sincerely, there is a psychological explanation to why you are dating the current person you are dating. Aside love and other inclusive, I will waste no time in adding age long adage “How you dress is the way you will be addressed”. Now this adage goes beyond mere dress codes and attire, it is inclusive of your carriage and world-hood. Most likely you do not fall in the same line or perspective as with your dream man or woman.

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A friend of mine once furiously complained about being toasted by touts and bad street guys. She asked why it was so. I made to realize that she was the cause of the problem. She was exactly what she was complaining against. To every effect, there is always a cause. For goodness sake, how could she dress Lady-gagaciously and expect to be toasted by a gentleman?

Of course, there are exceptions to this observation. There are cases whereby a slot walks down the aisle with a gentle man. These things and more happen but another side of the coin should be flipped.

Have you ever wondered why you have not caught the fish of your taste? Ever wondered why your dudes who ask you out are just pieces of junks, just below your taste and expectations? Ever wondered why you cannot attract the chick of your dream? Then take a long good look at yourself first. I am not insinuating changing your nature (total transformation of the you in you), perhaps, bleaching your skin white or wearing fake hips and fake ass, I just suggest advancement and enhancement. Develop yourself into who you admire. Improve yourself.

Attracting the right bae or boo is like someone going for a job interview in a bank. First thing first, you need to dress like a banker with impeccable, clean accent and the rest to even attract the job.

Haven’t you noticed that if you are intelligent, bright and the rest, you tend to attract people of the same mental make up for balanced understanding? If you are a classy and elegant lady, you tend to scare away guys who can’t measure you up to that level.

Notice that as Christian convert, you are surrounded by ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. The truth is if you dream of having a guy or a woman that measures up to some standards, this dream man or woman would not also condescend to the standard he or she is not, except, perhaps, he or she ‘falls’ in love. Note the word ‘fall’.

Most girls desire a handsome, very wealthy man as future spouses. The bitter truth is that no wealthy man wants to marry a lazy about or low class lady. To attract such people, most times demands one being intelligent, presentable among other related qualities.

Same with the guys, your classy-dream lady hungers for someone of high class.

All in all, there are exceptions to these observations, however, one should not fail to develop oneself in preparation for what awaits.


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