Do you want to bypass your Fiverr ID Verification? Or do you want to know the easiest, fastest and genuine way to do your Fiverr ID verification? It’s pretty easy with the right information. This article is for you, with the aim of making your Fiverr ID Verification very easy for all Countries.

What Is Fiverr ID Verification?

Fiverr ID verification is a type of verification that requires:

  • A clear photograph of your official ID Card/Driving Licence/Passport
  • A clean selfie taken with a phone

Similar to the Fiverr Phone Number Verification that allows you to verify the phone number you registered with, the ID verification allows you to verify your identity/country. The caveat is the selfie should correspond with the photograph on the ID Card. Again, the pictures should be very clear for fast acceptance by Fiverr.

However, since this article focuses on how you can bypass the Fiverr ID Verification, you don’t have to do all these to get verified. Instead, you’ll discover the smoothest and reliable way to be verified.

Why Most Freelancers Bypass The ID Verification?

You may ask, “what’s the need to bypass the Fiverr ID verification?” The answer is pretty simple. The Fiverr ID Verification requires only your valid Identity card and selfie, so it sounds pretty easier to accomplish. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. This is because most Fiverr Freelancers find it difficult to carry out this task upon several rejections. This entails that Fiverr is always strict in accepting the submitted data for the ID verification for many reasons.

As a result, this frustrates many freelancers who, in turn, look towards bypassing the ID verification. On the other hand, some Fiverr freelancers who create and operate US/UK/Foreign Fiverr accounts find it difficult to do the ID verification because of the complication. Well, while it’s justified to create a Fiverr Foreign account, this is one occasion why most freelancers look towards bypassing their Fiverr accounts.

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When Should I Do The Fiverr ID Verification?

You don’t do the Fiverr ID verification until Fiverr asks you to do it. So, you can only do the Fiverr Verification when Fiverr requests for it. One important thing to note is Fiverr won’t ask you to do the ID Verification immediately. They normally would allow you to take one or more orders before the ID Verification.

However, the ID verification is for every Fiverr account and is done once for each Fiverr account. Fiverr gives a 14Days timeline for the Verification. What would happen if you don’t do your Fiverr ID Verification? Of course, Fiverr will suspend or block your Fiverr account.

Again, the Fiverr ID verification is a one-time verification; it’s only done once for an account. Unlike phone number verification which you do several times, such as when creating your first gig, when you want to attach a payment method, when you want to change your password, and more.

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How To Bypass Your Fiverr ID Verification

Here comes the heart of this amazing article. The good news is you can bypass your Fiverr ID Verification without much ado. Keep in mind that this process doesn’t mean you won’t do the ID Verification for your Fiverr account. Instead, it means that you will have a reliable agency who are experts to do the Fiverr ID Verification for you. This way, you don’t have to stress yourself to do the ID verification by yourself, and at the same time, you get the most straightforward way of verifying your ID.

Another amazing thing is that this bypassing of ID Verification is pretty much available for all countries, both local and foreign Fiverr accounts, and beginners and experts at all levels. There are more amazing things to note, but the most important thing is to show you how to go about this ID verification process. So, let’s quickly check out the easy steps to follow:

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4 Steps To Bypass Your Fiverr ID Verification

  1. Send a mail to the Freelancer Experts Agency @
  2. You’ll get a response with the requirement for the ID verification
  3. Once you’re in, your ID Verification is done in less than 1 hour
  4. Come back and share experience in the comment

What You Should Know About the Fiverr ID Verification by Freelancer Experts

  • The ID verification is for all countries
  • It takes less than 1 Hour to be done
  • It’s 100% valid and reliable
  • The verification is super affordable
  • It requires only your login details
  • There’s 100% money-back if there’s need
  • No negative results since 2018
  • Fast response upon super friendly communication

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What Happens If I Don’t Verify My Fiverr ID

Fiverr gives you a 14-day period to do your ID verification. Usually, Fiverr sends you an email on how you can verify your identity. The email contains a link to upload a photo of your ID. When they request you to verify your ID, you’ll need to add a photo of an official government ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) from a list of documents that will be available to you, depending on your country of residence. But, what happens if you fail to verify your Fiverr account because of any reason? If you don’t verify your Fiverr ID, they will instantly disable/suspend/block your account.

What Happens If My Fiverr Account Is Blocked/Suspended/Banned?

If Fiverr disables your account, they will let you withdraw the account balance even if your verification is not complete. And, if your account is banned, you should have received an email explaining why, and stating that you’ll be able to withdraw your funds after 90 days. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You may encounter a more frustrating experience with Fiverr if your account is restricted.

A former Fiverr Seller noted that:

If your account is restricted Fiverr will most likely take your money from you and then tell you to look at the Terms of Service which is constantly changing to benefit them and take advantage of the sellers on the platform. Look at other famous top sellers on Fiverr that kicked out voice over Pete or the funny boys. They got their account restricted and banned and Fiverr took all of their money.

This is because Fiverr is an Israel-based company that does not offer seller protection like in the EU or USA. If you go to customer service for help like I did, they will reply with a canned pre-written response that basically says “sorry we can’t help you.” This is my first-hand experience working on this platform. That is why I left.

Vince Nguyen,

The Bottom Line

You can easily bypass your Fiverr ID verification by having the Freelancer Experts Agency do it for you in less than 1 hour. This is available and reliable at all times for all countries. After doing yours successfully, you can decide to get your friends who need Fiverr ID verification, get some discounts to your benefit, and earn some bucks.

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