My Day One Crush – Poem by Ahaneku Nkeiruka

A sickness of the heart, I have long

Suffered but dismissing as nothing

It has remained permanent as the firmaments of heaven

A ton of helpless doses have I tried

But it spreads through my heart

Snuffing out my breath

Help me less I die!

“Love in the heart” so I speak of

A dose of your love and care each day can do wonders

So the doctors have prescribed

A million pictures of you have I with

My eyes stolen. How I missed my steps

Bumping and falling when lost in the

Admiration of your chiseled face

Beaked nose, cotton lips, heavens smile!

When you fed your brother’s baby

I wished I was the one. When you

Played and boo boo booed on her stomach

I craved it was me.

Oh! Let’s play love and on the bed be a clapping of hands

I wish you could spend as much time

With me as with your books and guitars

Most lucky is your sister whom you

Tickle and cuddle and love, though

Platonic. Fortunate is your towel that

Romances you each day

Most lucky is your toothbrush that

Kisses you each day

Could you add ‘est’ to the dear you call me

And make me your dearest?

Could you change the “I like you”

You tell me to “I love you”

You never told me?

Could you increase the calls you give

Me from “once a month” to trice a week?

Elevate me to closest friend, I ask you

Could you understand the deepness of

My love for you as same as the pacific oceans?

Madness I call it. Dreaming each day of you

Eating, drinking, watching, and wearing only your favorites.

I have fought gallantly this fiery feeling

But I have been defeated honorably

And, now I can shout from the

Mountain top, I love you! I love you!

Without apologies. I don’t care if

The African society calls me strange

The cock should chase the hen

Not the other way round, they say

But rare it is for Miss peacock to

Let down her beautiful wings

I care less if you reciprocate my love

After all, the earth has not returned

The heaven’s love. In wishing your

Love, I have rode like an equestrian

Wishing horses were wishes

And whoop! If afterward my love you return

How forever I will dance

How eternally I will laugh

Always wearing a smile like our

Dear old ageless sun

About the Poet

  • Ahaneku Nkeiruka Portable Priscilla is a Nigerian Young Lady who hails from Isu Nwangele LGA of Imo State, Nigeria.
  • She was born on 24th September 1998 and She is currently a young graduate from the Department of Philosophy, Imo State University, Owerri.
  • Portable loves reading, writing, singing, arguing, and she prefers fairness and justice.
  • Miss Portable is highly creative, skillful, and artistic.
  • She is an Editor at
  • She dislikes mediocrity and injustice.

Portable has written many other interesting and mind-blowing poems such as “Essence of Marriage“, “Hubby out there” etc.

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