Girls have a lot of secrets they do not talk about at all. These secrets seem to be their second nature because almost every girl possesses all of them. It is true that most girls are shy, and so they do not feel free and comfortable to discuss some things outside of their minds. But, in this amazing article, you will discover 10 Secrets things that girls do but don’t talk about.


It is important to indicate that these 20 secret things are neither seen as bad or good, so it is not an avenue to look down on girls, rather it’s a time to observe what they do, smile over it, and enjoy them do it.

  1. Going to the restroom with a piece of toilet bog or wiper to be used after urinating: Almost every girl does this, and it’s amazing as it’s a good habit for their personal hygiene. This is more rampant among young girls in the higher institution and also female workers in public companies/firms.
  2. Double-dating comfortably without being suspected: Girls could be mysterious sometimes. They have the ability to date two men or more at the same time without being suspected or caught. In fact, if any of them is caught, then she decided to allow that.
  3. Using the same bra for at least one week: Most girls can use the bra, on a daily basis, for one week without washing it. It may not be a bad thing but it is an at that is evident in most girls.
  4. Using one bra once a month because it is the only bra that fits a particular top/dress: Most times, some girls seem to wear one particular bra for months without washing it. This is different because they only wear it once in a while, for months, because it is the only bra that fits some particular clothes.
  5. To magically take off the bra without removing the top: Almost every girl, from the age of 18, can comfortably take off her bra without removing their cloth. This sounds magical but it is general among most girls.
  6. Using their bra as a pocket: Most girls use their bra as a pocket, to store or hide some stuffs like money, keys, phone, etc. This could be justifiable because most of their clothes don’t have pockets such as their Trousers, skirts, and even dresses.
  7. Pretending to stretch in order to check how the armpit is doing
  8. Edit Social Media Conversation before showing them to friends
  9. Putting, and forgetting some things in the bra until it’s time to pull out
  10. Pretending not to love a man at first for the sake of initial gra-gra
  11. Playing with your own boobs in the mirror
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