Being rich begins in the mind. You can make a huge money and become wealthy no matter your condition, location, qualification or skills. However, making some thousands of dollars seems to be difficult for some individuals. But, in the proper sense of an entrepreneur, it’s pretty easy to achieve in a short time.

It’s clear that you should work to earn some money, but if your steps are off the track, you’ll probably end up repeating the same thing and getting undesirable results.

So, making money and becoming wealthy is quite simple. You don’t have to work your ass out to earn real good genuinely. In this insightful article, you’ll discover 5 most important steps to make money and be wealthy in a short time.

The good news is these fascinating steps we’ll discuss below are easy to grab and implement from scratch by anyone, including you. So, let’s get into it.

5 Effective Steps To Make Money

  1. Disappear for 6 months
  2. Start working and continue to learn
  3. Have goals for your money
  4. Don’t put too much emphasis on Saving
  5. Start investing

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1. Disappear for 6 Months

You’re probably wondering, ‘why should I disappear for 6 months’? This simply simply means isolating yourself from every distraction to focus and dedicate a period of learning some skills. Keep in mind that you’re valuable only when you’re adding great value to a company, society, etc. So, to increase your value rate, it’s important to learn some high income skills. These skills make huge money for you in the long run.

However, during this period of 6 months, you shouldn’t go to parties, hang out with friends, or do non-tangible stuffs. You should all committed to learn a high income skill and also track your record of progress.

For example, you may choose to learn some high income programming languages/frameworks, such as React Js and Native alongside HTML and CSS for front-end development. Or, you can learn some Forex and Crypto trading, digital marketing, professional video editing and 3D animation, and more. See these 15 high income skills to learn and start earning heavily. And, if you have some major skills already, think of diving deeper into them.

How do you know the best skill to learn?

Now you know you should learn some skills, but how do you know the skills that are more suitable for you? This is always an interesting but critical question. However, it’s super easy to figure out the skills that best suit your fancy. The quick hack is you choose a skill that you’ve great ardor and interest in. To get a better idea, think of what you studied in the higher institution, what you always love to do, and your talents. Everybody has talent, and if you’ve not yet discovered or harnessed yours, do not bother. Here’s a guide about the 10 best ways to discover and harness your talents.

In addition, you should have an entrepreneurial mindset to be more productive. This entails being in a state of mind which orientates your conduct towards entrepreneurial activities. Remember, people with entrepreneurial mindsets see opportunities and value creation, where others seek to benefit from the opportunities.

These 6 months can change your life forever if you go about it religiously. Keep in mind that learning some high-income skills can take below or over 6 months. It depends on how fast you get the hang of it. Therefore, I recommend you put in every effort for a more productive result. Again, you can start establishing yourself within the timeframe or thereafter. This introduces us to the next level of establishing yourself and further learning.

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2. Start working and continue to learn

The simple logic is, ‘if you can solve a problem, you can earn heavily.’ So, the first step is of utmost necessity. To solve a problem and add value to a company or individual, you should acquire some skills and use them as your working tool. Fortunately, most jobs are remote, and so you don’t have to bother too much about the country, location, or time barriers.

The good news is you can establish start establishing yourself right from your home during or after the learning duration. For example, you can start recording and uploading some videos on YouTube regarding your skills and make money from the platform.

Again, you can start freelancing with your skills. I recommend Fiverr and Upwork freelancing companies for newbies. For example, you can create a Fiverr seller account for free, and sell your services for some hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in a couple of weeks. Another good news is you can start freelancing without having any skills using the smart method. And that’s not all. To make the most out of freelancing, you should create some foreign accounts, especially if you’re from some ‘inferior’ countries.

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Therefore, I recommended the creation of foreign freelancing account to the 3rd-world-countries. This is because most buyers worldwide would prefer a seller from reputable countries. So, with a foreign account, it’s super amazing since you get more orders and give higher quotes.

Besides, you can apply to physical companies. One important thing is you’ve gotten some skills and you’re ready to work with your skills and make a huge income. And, once you start making some income, it’s time to know how financial psychology works. Let’s dive into it.

3. Have goals for your money

Money is influential. And so, managing your money reasonably is a sine qua non to becoming successful. This is where financial psychology comes in.

Now, the first thing you must do if you want to be wealthy is to know the reason you want to be wealthy and invest in getting your desired goals. A quick one is, before any profits come, make sure you already have a plan for that. Most of the people who do not have a goal with their investment do not have a single dollar in the account. They live from day to day and enjoy the now.

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Therefore, I strongly recommend that if you don’t know what your financial goals are, you can’t start working to accomplish them. It’s also important to document your financial goals for easy progress-check and update. The number one reason most people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want.

The best strategy to invest and increase your income is to have a goal for that money. So, if you do not know what you want to have money for, then it would not be logical for you to invest, it would not make sense. And how about saving your money? That’s the next in line to discuss.

4. Don’t put too much emphasis on saving

You may earn a lot of money now, but if you don’t know how to manage it, it won’t last forever. Saving some money is good, but it’s not among the best strategy to get the bang of your bucks. Most times, when you save, your money remains of the same value, if not diminishes. But, when you put less emphasis on saving, you would rather think of investing. For example, if you save $2000 in your bank that generates 1% annual interest, you’ll currently have $10 earned. However, if you had invested that $2000 in cryptocurrency, real estate, or agricultural industries, you would have earned more than you invested.

Now, investing is profitable only when you do it the right way. So, how do you invest to make huge profit? This is where the next point comes in.

5. Start Investing Wisely

Investing is essential to good money management because it ensures both present and future financial security. Not only that, it boosts your financial psychology. Investing is one thing, another is ‘investing wisely’. Investment is very profitable if only you invest smartly.

Investing smartly entails:

  • Discovering the best investment opportunity
  • A deep research about the industry
  • Do not put all your eggs in one basket
  • Set a goal; know when to take your profit
  • Diversify your investments

Investment is the major method of achieving both growing wealth and passive income. You can decide to invest for a short or long-term. So, if you invest your money reasonably, you plan to live secure great hope and wealth for future purposes. But, when you do not invest, you plan to live only with your monthly income, and this would probably frustrate you in the latter age of your life.

Industries For Profitable Investment

  1. Self investment
  2. Real Estate Investment
  3. Cryptocurrency Investment
  4. Agricultural Investment
  5. Create and manage websites

The Bottom Line

You cannot make huge money if you have nothing to offer. You must have knowledge of something, probably a high-income skill, to make some cool money by yourself. The good news is you can make money with the least of skills, such as communication skills, graphics designing, and even the simplest of all, which is typing. Again, it’s important to disappear for about 6 months to learn some high-income skills, and start making waves with it.

If you have gotten some skills but do not get clients to patronize you, do not worry. A good step is offering those services as a freelancer. Now, if you are from a less significant country, you may find it difficult to get huge buyers and orders as a new freelancer, but there’s always the best approach.

To get massive orders as a freelancer, you can create a US/UK/Foreign Freelancing account. It’s pretty easy hence there are some reputable agencies, such as Freelancer Experts, who will help you set up your US/UK/Foreign freelancing account, do phone number verification for all countries, ID verification for all countries, and even solve all your freelancing challenges.

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