Discover your Hidden Talents With these 10 Advanced Methods

How to Discover your Talents

Ever wondered if you have talents at all? Ever wondered if you are good at anything aside from sleeping and waking, then eating? O! Well, the good news is here for you. EVERYONE HAS TALENT. Yes, I mean everyone ‘you’.

You have just not discovered it yet. Or perhaps, you are like me “Multi-talented – good at most of all” which keeps you confused about just that one thing or two things you are most good at. Funny enough but I discovered my own talent. Well, not very late but late in my second year, second semester of my 1st degree in the University. Can you imagine? Talking was it! Yes, you heard me, ‘talking’.

Yes, You Can Discover Your Talents

I later discovered that above all I like never to shut up my mouth, I am crazy about talking – talking in gatherings, assembly, motivational talks, seminars, etc, you name it.

Talking inspires me. I could hear you say ‘talking’? But yes, anything at all could be your talent. It could be cooking, it could be that just with needle and trade you can sew a perfect outfit for a get-together. It could also be hair making.

In fact, anything you have the natural ability to do well is your talent. You just need to be focused and develop it. Talents incorporate what you can do best more than others; something you are at ease with doing – something you do effortlessly – that thing you are a guru at – a genius at – a master at.

What do you like doing?

That thing you do that wows everyone and no one can compete with you over that thing. It is also like your purpose, your center of gravity that continuously pulls you to itself, it is who you are. You are comfortable doing it and it is until you discover it, you have not discovered your talent yet.

However, discovering your talents could get a little tricky as all will surface and claim they are all your talents. Of course, you can have as many talents and you can use all as well. If you have none at all, stick around and read carefully, you will discover yours.

However, this amazing article will assist you greatly on how you can discover your most dominant talent as well as discovering your talents if you think you do not have any. Your most dominant talent is like a pie chart.

Most people when asked what their talent is, the negative is always the response – Uh! I don’t think I have any talent. People are so wrapped up in their day to day activities that they forget what their natural abilities are and so they waste these strengths for years.

Fortunately, finding your talent is as simple as A, B, C.

Here are 10 Unfailing ways to discover your hidden talents even if it is buried 10 feet deep beneath the earth’s surface.

10 Advanced Ways To Discover Your Talents

  1. Always Give a Listening Ear

This has always been rewarding. Now do not rebuff or completely take for granted people’s examination of you. Remember you do not see yourself. It is always people who see you. People interact with you and therefore can spot your talent.

When accessing yourself, you can be lenient, biased, and subjective. But however, getting an objective view of yourself can help put things right.

Listen to their spontaneous views and remarks. When you argue, do people seem to say ‘Hey! Why don’t you become a lawyer? Or when you sing, do people marvel and say, Oh! You are an angel when you sing? When you act on a stage, do people trill to exclaim ‘you are infested by muse? All these matters and they help.

  1. Ask Question

In line with listening, you could also go out of your way to ask questions. An African proverb says “A questioner does not always miss the way”. Now, do not just ask questions, ‘Ask the Right People Questions’.

You may be confused, but a long list of people confirming a particular talent you have could go a long way in solving the puzzle by merging their findings with yours.

You could also be nursing a feeling that this or that is your talent. Perhaps you have a burning desire to uphold Justice, you love arguing so much and all the rest of that.

Now, a quick inquiry from a lawyer, most appropriate a judge could do the magic. He or she could be “Oh! I had the same feeling and then I just knew I would be a lawyer!”

  1. Find Out What is a Piece of Cake

There must be one or two out of the rest of things you can do that you do effortlessly, while others struggle or muddle their way through. Determine that thing that is super easy for you, what a piece of cake that even if you are woken from sleep to do it, it is yet easy. Therein lies your talent. It could be playing guitar, it could be drawing, it could even be solving people’s problems. Now, your talent could be ‘giving people great advice when they explain their misfortune to you; your talent could be giving advice.

  1. Do You Enjoy What You do?

Another great step is to discover if you like what you do. Talent should not be a punishment. I could remember during my high school days when some students rushed into the science department due to the prestige therein but rushed out when the topics started flying.

Some of these students slept as the lecture was going on. Some could not come to school at all due to fear of the course or the teacher.

This is a lack of interest and enjoyment. Now, find out what you look out for every day and minute to do. Something that makes you smile as you do it. Something that gives you joy. Something that you do over and over again without being tired or bored, there lies your talent. Kick off from there.

  1. What You are Passionate About

As I stated earlier, I am a fan of talking and talkers; what are you crazy about? Some people stay in the studio for hours. Some people stay on the field for hours. Discover that thing you can stay for an elongated period of time doing discover that thing you are glued to.

  1. Flashback your Humble Beginning

Oh! Yes, look and reflect on your past. Try reaching the things that you have done before, the things you have enjoyed. The things you have been rewarded for doing in the past.

Look at the times you have excelled. Try reaching your childhood days and what it was like. What did you do constantly as a kid? What did you enjoy doing? What were you known for?

The virgin period of your childhood experiences could really go a long way to reveal some of your deepest talents.

  1. Challenging Times

Another very important strategy is to think about your toughest times, your most challenging times, and how swiftly you handled the situation. Perhaps, it was when a burglar tried breaking into your house when you are home alone and you saved the day. This if useful talent – How swiftly and intelligent you handled the situation could go a long way in deciphering your exact talent.

  1. Think about your Most Successful Times

Think about the times you succeeded. Times you were applauded. Times you were raised shoulder high. Perhaps it was when you wrote an enticing and engaging topic in a blog that causes huge traffic and much talk about.

Perhaps it was a little piece of creative art that you advertised in a gallery and everyone praised your work. Perhaps it was a talk you gave in a women’s forum that everyone still talks about today. All these are pointers.

  1. Try out new things

Unfortunately, your talents may not rest on the things you presently do or did. Why not try out new things like writing a novel, or starting a business, or designing a cartoon, you may be surprised.

You must not do what others have done before – Think about Mark Zuckerberg that established Facebook. Prior to him, there was no notable social media platform in existence. Most times we underrate ourselves but you never will know what you are capable of doing until you go outside your comfort zone.

Most times you don’t know that you are that kind of person till you start becoming that type of person. You just have to give yourself and life a chance and you may be surprised or rather surprised at how incredible you are. I say, take the risk!

Self Discovery

In all, do not forget to concentrate on yourself. Of course, people can help a great deal in discovering your talent but it is also germane that you carved out a personal time for your own personal self-assessment and discovery and self-reflection.

Nobody knows you more than ‘you’. It is therefore important that you remember that existential and essential decisions are made by you. No one will do it for you and so make out time out of your tight schedules to thoroughly examine yourself for yourself.

Remember, the discovery of your true talent is a kick-off to a greater you and greater heights.

There are some factors to be considered when discovering your Talents

Factors to Consider

Talents can be Created; This entails that you can create talents for yourself when it seems you don’t have any. One may ask, ‘how can I create talents for myself?’

The environment you are in could determine how slow or fast you can discover your talents. In other words, when your environment is not conducive enough for discovering your talents, you will be slow in discovering your talents. And when the environment is favorable, the discovery of your talents will be fast whenever you determine to discover them.

However, the type of companion you keep can also play a role in the discovering of your talents. When most of your companions or friends are talented, the talents they display could trigger you.

This is because they will be influencing you in one way or the other and you may be ashamed to exist in the midst of friends who are all talented when you have not yet discovered your talents.

Again, when your friends have almost not discovered their talents and therefore do not show-up any special talent, then you can hardly cultivate the zeal of discovering your own talents.

Talent Discovered from Love Making and Relationship

Do you know that most lovers have been conditioned to discover their talents through their relationship partner? Does it sound strange? Lovers, in a bid to impress their loved ones, try to do extraordinary things. In the process of doing these, they discover their talents.

True love life Story that will motivate you

I will tell you a very interesting true-life story that will motivate you.

When Robinson, who is from a very wealthy family, fell in love with Nicole, he has no talents to display. This is mostly because he has not thought of discovering his talents because, for him, there is no need for that, since there is much wealth in the family already.

Nicole is also from a rich background but he admires people with amazing talents. She wasn’t fully interested in Rob’s several cars and wealth. She was so much concerned about his talents.

When Rob found out that he could actually impress her if he can discover and display his talents, he started inquiring about how he can discover his talents. Nicole assisted him by identifying some of the things she has already found out he can do. Rob picked up from there.

Within the space of two months, Rob discovered that he is very much talented in two major things;

  1. Artworks &
  2. Music

He is therefore good in artworks and he draws Nicole with his drawing kits every now and then. He is also good at music and uses his voice and guitar to make Nicole happy even at the beach.

I hope by now, you must have gotten these 10 advanced ways of discovering your talents. And I hope the article is much helpful to you. Feel free to ask questions and leave opinions and suggestions below in the comment box.

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