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Committed to helping freelancers get the most out of their careers by solving their daily problems and challenges.

Trust Worthy

The Freelancer Experts agency is trusted by over 12000 freelancers since 2015 for excellent services.


With over 8 years of solid experience, all the services are guaranteed to satisfy the freelancers without issues.

Super Efficient

Super fast and friendly customer care agents, expertly trained to attend to thousands of freelancers in real-time.

Major Goals

Devoted To Helping Freelancers Worldwide

There are millions of freelancers out there who encounter different challenges with their local or foreign freelancing accounts. These challenges vary, such as phone number verification, ID verification, recovery of accounts, creating US/UK/foreign accounts, boosting of accounts, how to get massive orders, and more related challenges.

The major goal is to help freelancers in getting the most out of their careers by solving all their immediate and potential problems, plus VIP support.

Years in the Business

The Freelancer Experts Agency has been helping freelancers for many years with no failure/issues.

Happy Clients

There’s a record of over 2172 happy and trusted freelancers helped by the Freelancer Expert Agency. 

Expert Agents

Enough expertly trained agents, super-fast, super friendly, and super-skilled to attend to freelancers daily.

The Story

Several years ago, the founder of the Freelancer Experts Agency was a freelancer. He focused on providing professional programming services to clients all over the world. He suffered terribly from low income, limited orders, with insignificant quotes resulting from his background/country.
Since most buyers prefer to patronize sellers from popular countries, it was difficult for him to prove he’s up to snuff. On second thought, he saved up some money and travel to the US.
Having experienced recurring challenges, he set up an agency to help freelancers worldwide to make the most out of their skills.

Perfect experience. I created 2 foreign Fiverr accounts, did phone number verification on all of them, and bought reviews in the 2 accounts. Everything went successfully with the customer care very willing to help and patient when I delay.

Preska Than

“Eva was amazing to help me, I don’t know how to appreciate her wonderful support. Everything was done fast and professionally. I will use your services again.



It’s been a great experience with Eva. She was patient with me and answered all my questions promptly and with all necessary details. The verification was smooth and she’s now my go-to verification person moving forward. The services are genuine and fast. I rate them 5/5. Thank you so much for your assistance. 🙂


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Clients Are Like Family

The utmost priority is to satisfy every freelancer by not just reaching their needs, but exceed them. To maintain an excellent reputation, there are interesting scopes, such as 90% money-back, 100% efficiency, tight security, VIP support, and more.

Each client is given preferential treatment while suggesting relevant ideas to help them grow more.


If you are having any freelancing challenges, you would want to contact the Freelancer Experts Agency. Drop a line using the contact info below.

+1 (978) 225-9937 (WhatsApp Only)

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