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20 Lovely Facts About Ladies Every Man Should Know

These are 20 lovely facts about ladies every man should know. Enjoy this lovely one! 20 Lovely Facts About Women When a lady is angry, over half of what she says, she doesn't mean...The most difficult time for a lady is when she is away from the man she truly...

10 Secret Things That All Girls Do but Don’t Talk About

Girls have a lot of secrets they do not talk about at all. These secrets seem to be their second nature because almost every girl possesses all of them. It is true that most girls are shy, and so they do not feel free and comfortable to discuss some things outside of...

10 Dangerous things you should stop doing to live healthy

Dangerous things you should stop doing! For most people (albeit all of us) it is just about living life, not taking into accounts little things which can kill us. We have compiled some things we do everyday which should have killed us long ago, were it not for God's ...

A Moment with A Love Doctor – Hooking-up with the right partner

Hooking-up with the Right Person In this lovely and relationship moment with a love doctor, there will be a focus on how love partners meet and hook up with the right partners of their choice.  Honestly and seriously, people should quit settling for less the people...

20 Types of Roommates you will find in the University

Life in the higher institution is always fun and tough at the same time. This is because every student meets and mingles with different people with their different characters, either as a coursemate, hostel mate, gist mate, friend, or enemy, etc. So, if you are about...

Breast Cancer Preventive Measures for Ladies

Breast Cancer Preventive Measures  Breast Cancer is any abnormal growth in the breast of a woman. Every lady has the tendency of having this cancer if she is not educated on the things to do in order to prevent such development. Breast cancer always develops from the...

Female’s Virginity: Issues & Hidden Facts to know

Virginity A social Awareness Message Preamble  We were discussing female's virginity yesterday and someone proposed that the only way to know if a girl is a virgin is by bleeding at first touch. This entails that it's a must every girl bleeds during her first s*x and...

How To Start-up Your Own Business – 7 Effective Steps

Steps To Start Up Your Own Business  Do you want to start-up your own business? Do you want to become the boss of your own? Then it's very simple. You just have to follow these 7 effective steps on how to start-up your own business and succeed within a short period of...

Kisser and the Kissee – Love Story: Episode 1

The Kisser & the Kissee Episode One: I thought kissing is only an act of love until I witnessed the one done outside of love... - kisser & the kissee- It was all bliss for over four months I got married to Francis. The kisses will not end; he kissed me in the...

Kisser and the Kissee – Love Story: Episode 2

Kisser and the Kissee Interesting Love Story Episode Two “Why do men always see the woman’s heart as something to toy with? Why are men occupied with the mere thought of pu**y and b**bs rather than the heart and love? Why is their business always that of violating and...

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