Bird Turns Into a Woman in Port-Harcourt

Bird Turns into a Woman;

Many were shocked, some were flabbergasted, many ran away, while some were speechless as an unusual ugly scenario occurred on Thursday in Port-Harcourt, capital city of River State.

What Happened?


It was on Thursday morning around 08:00am at Agip/Ada-George junction, a flying bird (unidentified by name) landed on a high tension electric pole until suddenly power was restored by the Electricity Company. The bird immediately fell down and turned to a dead young woman.

This ugly scenario generated a whole lot of attention from every angle of the city. ‘This is very strange’ Many said.  It was observed that the bird turned into a young woman after it was electrocuted by the high tension electric wire as it was resting on the high tension electric pole..

An eyewitness who took the story to social media wrote;

This morning along Agip, Port-Harcourt, a bird that was flying got electrocuted and fell.

A little terrified boy standing behind the signpost rushed to pick the bird and immediately it turned  to this wretched horrifying looking dead woman.

Making everyone run (even those shouting the BLOOD OF JESUS).

He also added that there were more than ten other birds on the pole, but others escaped as the unlucky one fell down.

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