Women are very beautiful creatures with a fragile and enchanting physique. In most African countries, women often get married sooner than the men because of many reasons. But, at the same time, most women remain single even in their 30’s, which is generally regarded as late marriage.

There are many factors that lead to this late marriage or choice to marry lately. Most cases are negative while some are positive. And, in this lovely article, both the negative and positive factors and reasons are clearly discussed, alongside the solution to every factor.

12 Reasons Why Most Women are Still Single even at 30’s

  1. Spiritual and foundational issues
  2. Inability to keep a man
  3. Having a high taste in choosing men
  4. Having bad character
  5. Having hot temper
  6. Living a wayward life (Consequences of immoral activities far back)
  7. Having the habit of cheating
  8. The Nature of Profession
  9. Special Profession
  10. Life Decision
  11. Lessons learned from bad relationship experiences
  12. Physical Challenges

1. Spiritual and foundational issues

Most women have spiritual problems knowingly or unknowingly, and this has played a negative role in finding and settling with their future husbands. These spiritual problems are mostly the product of their different engagement with some evil people who, in one way or the other, invoke some bad spirits to their possession.

Again, there are some women who have foundational problems where their families, generations, or linage is the cause of their status quo. Nevertheless, this factor is most evident in Africa as westerners seem not to believe or partake in the tradition. More of these will be discussed alongside “Living a wayward life” as one of the major factors that can keep a woman unmarried even in her 30’s.

2. Inability to keep a man

This is one of the major reasons why many women are still unmarried even in their 30’s. Yes! As a lady, no matter how beautiful you are, if you cannot genuinely keep your man, then another woman will do the job for you without much ado. Now, there are many ways a woman can keep her man, such as being faithful, being hardworking, being prayerful, and a lot more. See the seven types of women every man dies to have, are you one of them?

How do you keep your man to stay with you forever? This is an important question every woman should consider before getting into any serious relationship. In order to do this properly, every woman must consider the factors that guarantee a strong relationship/marriage, such as building a strong relationship foundation, figuring out personal differences and working on them, having relationship/marriage reconciliation, and many more. See these 8 questions to ask your partner before getting into a serious relationship with them.

3. Having a high taste in choosing men

Everybody wants something good, everybody wants to associate with guys with a sturdy and masculine physique, handsome, beautiful, brilliant, wise, peaceful, and more related types of people. But, most times, all that glitters are not gold. Most women are still single today because they have not found that Prince-Charming, or that man with high prestige, and all that. It is not a bad thing, but just sometimes, the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. See this lovely one about “Hubby Out There”.

It is a good thing to dream of having a wealthy man as a hubby, but it is wrong to wait unnecessarily for his coming, especially when age is not by your side again. Keep in mind that it is not bad to marry later, but women have time in that regard, and any woman who does not use her time religiously may regret the whole thing at last. A man can still impregnate a woman at the age of 90, but it is very rare for a woman to conceive at a later age because of the existence of menopause.

However, many women do not admire poor guys, physically challenged guys, guys with internal health issues, short guys, guys with short and tiny “Banana”, guys with poor dressings, guys that smoke and drink, womanizers, and some other types of guys. Yes! It is the right of any woman to choose the type of guy she wants to stay with forever, but there are some factors that can be considered.

Now think of this, it is right to reject a man who smokes and drinks a lot, but it could be wrong to reject a guy simply because he dresses poorly. This means that there are some factors that can be worked on rather than rejecting them. The best relationship is the one that both partners understand and accept the weaknesses, and work hard towards bringing out the best in him/her, by turning him/her into that man you crave to have from the onset.

Again, the most important thing is to ensure that there is a true love existing between both partners. See these 20 amazing facts about ladies that every man should know.

It is pertinent to know that nobody is perfect, but you can make your partner perfect by working together with him/her to ensure that your love keeps growing every millisecond.

4. Having bad character

There are good and virtuous women out there, and there are also vicious women with bad character. It is natural among some women, but it is one of the major reasons why most women stay single even in their 30’s. You should observe that no man would want to marry a girl with bad character.

The fact is this, a man can tolerate a woman with a bad character to be his side chick, girlfriend, friend, and so on, but when it comes to marriage, every man desires to marry a woman with a good character to build his home, train his children, and bring honor to him rather than shame. In fact, the reason why some men tolerate a woman with bad character is probably how she handles him on the bed.

However, women with bad character display in many ways, and men can easily dictate that from any woman. Bad character is one of the major reasons why men change in a relationship/marriage. See more reasons why men change in a relationship/marriage, and what to do as a woman.

The most interesting thing is that people with bad characters even crave to have friends with good characters because everybody wants to be treated in a good manner.

5. Having Hot Temper

Hot temper could be natural, but it is controllable. It can be applied to both men and women, and it could seen as a bad character. Whichever way it is addressed, it is one of the reasons why some women are still single even at their 30’s. Hot temper is a vicious act that cannot be hidden no matter how the moral agent pretends to hide it. It is always obvious and could be observed at first sight, and when it occurs, a lot of damages could be recorded.

Hot temper comes with many negative implications, and since men seem to be the head of every relationship/marriage, they (men) can hardly tolerate women with a hot temper. This does not entail that men have the right to be hot-tempered. You should know that hot temper is one of the reasons why many relationships/marriages shatter/destroy. See these 11 reasons factors that destroy a relationship/marriage.

However, women who have hot temper are advised to consider some factors that would help them to control the vicious act of hot temper.

6. Consequences of immoral activities far back

Women, at their teenager and early adult stage, seem to get into many relationships, go to a club, have random sexual relationships with uncountable men, doing prostitution, and do perform all sorts of actions.

Often times, this is as a result of youthful exuberance and juvenile delinquency, and this has led many women into immoral acts such as performing series of dangerous abortion, losing their womb, having their destinies used spiritually, suicide, and many other negative scenarios. This is more evident among beautiful women who are blessed with a nice physique.

Think of what’s happening in the Universities, Communities, and even among young teenagers. Of course, there are good girls out there, but they are very few. But, why do all these happen? Let’s dive into the reasons.

Many young girls fully depend on men to live. They date as many guys as possible so as to get daily offerings from them, and also have them care for their needs. And, this is not the major problem. The interesting thing is that those girls/ladies/women have to give something out in order to get something back.

So, the game is “give what you have and get what you don’t have”, it sounds more like trade and barter which is an olden days system of buying and selling. But, trade and barter is far better than this situation because the girls don’t only give what they have, but they give out themselves too. It seems to be funny, but think of it this way, the young girls get into many relationships with both married and unmarried men, play all sorts of sexual games with them, get their organs destroyed, probably get their womb destroyed from series of abortion, to mention but a few.

After the game, when they are about 26 – 27 years old, they start thinking of who they will lure into marrying them. Yes, they will still get married, isn’t it? But, it’s not that easy again because a lot of things have been destroyed, and a lot of spirits have possessed them. And, that is not the end.

Remember that those girls, in the process of sleeping around, contact and distribute some deadly sexually transmitted diseases to one another. And, in the end, they welcome their husband with the diseases, if they get a chance to settle down. Most importantly, they may not have their husbands feed them so hard as compared with how the random men fed them, and this leads to cheating in marriage which can also lead to divorce.

However, these are the consequences of immoral lives and activities that took place some years ago. Keep in mind that women get older easily by appearance, especially when they cannot stay with one man. So, this is just a pleasure for a short period.

7. Having the habit of cheating

Cheating habit is one of the most deadly factors that can hinder a woman from getting married. The bad thing about cheating is that it is difficult to stop if started. And the irony is this, even the highly ranked cheaters do not enjoy being cheated on. Yes, nobody wants to have their partner cheat on them even though they cheat.

Now, cheating is evident in both men and women, but when some men cheat, it is taken for granted, and this is not a good habit. But, when a woman cheats, she is taken to be the most unfaithful creature on earth. Well, cheating from both angles, is not a good habit because of its negative implications.

As a woman, if men notice that you cheat, they can come around and run some shit with you, but when it is time for marriage, they can never consider marrying you because of that single act. Yes, no man wants a woman who cheats around. So, the cheating habit is one of the major reasons why most are still single even in their 30’s.

However, there are 10 effective ways to prevent cheating in your relationship/marriage.

There are some other positive reasons why many women stay single even till their 30’s. Let’s check them out.

8. The nature of their profession

Many women are into many untiring professions that slammed them with works at all times, many are Doctors, Soldiers, Nurses, and even Engineers. This set of women are swamped with a lot of works to the extent that all they think about is work. This could continue to happen for some years before they realize they should get married.

Interestingly, some other women are celebrities, actresses, and models, and such types of girls do not want to lose their shapes and figures in order to keep their fans dying for them. These types of professions can keep a girl single (not married) till her 30’s, and she’s comfortable with that.

9. Special Professions

Some women are justified for being single even till their 90’s. These are the women who have chosen to marry God and the church. They are known as the Reverend Sisters who serve the church by giving their lives to Jesus Christ. Just like the Catholic priests, they do not engage in any romantic relationship talk more of getting into marriage because they have taken a strong vow alongside a strong bond and covenant that hold them with God.

10. Life Decision

Many women have just decided not to get into marriage. Many prefer to be single mothers or sugar mummy. It may not be seen as a bad thing because it is their decision, and everybody can decide whether to marry or not.

Most of the women that fall into this category have experienced a lot of ugly scenarios in terms of love and relationship. And, this takes us to the next point.

11. Lessons learned from bad relationship experiences

Many women have experienced bad moments from one relationship to another while they were teenagers. This could trigger a girl to make a life decision that she will not get into any relationship or marriage again so that her heart will not be shattered again. But, is it the right way? Well, many men are good, some are bad too, but it takes a moment to meet with that guy who can change your bad thoughts in a second, and make you live happily for the rest of your life.

12. Physical challenges

Last but not the least is physical challenges. Most women are still single up to their 30’s because they are physically challenged. Some who have only one leg or no leg at all, some who have one of their eyes blinded, some who are very ugly, some who have been affected by some health disasters, and many others.

However, the most important thing is to have something doing as a woman, so that men won’t see you as a liability, but as a value. When you do that, even if you are physically challenged, you will have an opportunity to get someone who will change your life forever.

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