Have you experienced a relationship/marriage challenge that led to a breakup lately? Has your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you and you break up with him/her already? Well, it’s normal as relationship breakup occurs every day. But, after the breakup, what next?

Many find it difficult to move on after having a break up with their love partners. This is understandable because it is not going to be easy to erase all the good and lovely memories you have encountered with your ex. If you find yourself in this situation, then, do not be worried, this wonderful article is for you.

At first, keep in mind that every relationship has the tendency of facing unusual challenges at any time. The hurdles could come in any way, and when it is not handled properly, it will tarnish the relationship. A relationship breakup is the same thing as giving up on your partner; quitting being in a relationship with your love partner due to one reason or the other. Indeed, there are many lovely and effective ways to move on after a breakup in a relationship. This could also be applicable to divorce case in marriage.

A relationship breakup is not advised but when it is of utmost necessity, it is recommended.

This love discourse focuses on the Eight Lovely Ways To Move On After A Breakup. It is highly advised not to do all these if you are not experiencing any break up in your relationship.

Though you can always know all of these but not practice it until when necessary.

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10 Effective Ways to Move on after a Breakup

  1. Let out your feelings
  2. Accept the heartbreak
  3. Spend more time with your friends
  4. Have excessive fun
  5. Do not entertain any dulling moment
  6. Go on and delete his/her contacts
  7. Do not check on him
  8. Feel free to associate with new friends
  9. Relationship/Marriage Breakup is not the End of Life
  10. Never force yourself on anybody immediately after the breakup

1. Let Out Your Feelings

It is very vital to let your feelings out after a breakup. Letting out feelings entails trying as much as possible to stop thinking about what you have encountered.

Most girls cry sometimes to let out their feelings. The need for this is to be more relieved. Without relief, you can hardly move on after a breakup. Just do not hold the feelings on you. 

It is sometimes difficult to let out your lovely feelings bearing in mind the good times you had together, but it is high time you let go of your feelings no matter how deep they may appear.

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2. Accept the Heartbreak

Do not put all the blame on yourself. Don’t get stocked. Accept the break-up and move on. If possible, render an open appreciation to your partner. Make it very casual too.

If you’re sure how to start, I’ll help you;

Hi dear, I know I’m not meant to bother you anymore, but I wish to show some appreciations to you. 

Everybody you meet has a special role to play in your life, I may have finished mine. I therefore thank you for your time and care. I wish you well, Bye.

Once you have accepted the breakup, your mind will be more focused on the way forward. By so doing, you get rid of the heartbreak.

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3. Spend More Time With Your Friends

Engage yourself in unstoppable discussions with your close friends, unusual friends, and relations. This will make you not think so much about the times you both spent together.

In order to let go of the breakup, you have to replace the memories of your ex. To do so, you don’t need to be alone as it will bring back the memories of him/her.

Spend more time with your close friends, classmates, colleagues, and be free to associate with new friends.

4. Have Excessive Fun

Have Fun and go, Gaga, Go to malls for shopping, go out and enjoy yourself. Go for outings with friends and loved ones and get rid of the boredom of life at the moment.

Feel free to go for Lunch with your lovely ones and have fun like never before. If you are a sports type, do more sporting activities or more of your hobbies…

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5. Do Not Entertain any Dulling Moment

Keep yourself busy with something. There is always a saying, that ‘an idle man is a devil’s workshop.’ Learn how to dance, sing, or even learn some graphics designing skills, learn how to code on the computer.

Play games, play your guitar, keyboard, or any other musical instrument. Embark on online studies, just be busy and focused all the time… Put your mind in something. Learn how to paint, reshuffle everything… I don’t know how you may choose to do this, but just do not be idle at any time.

6. Go on and Delete his/her contacts

If you really want to move on after a breakup, do not contact your ex unless there is a very cogent need for that. If possible, delete his/her number, do not stare at it… He might end up snubbing you when you attempt calling and get you hurt the more. Delete his messages and any phone reminder about him/her.

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Call to mind that you don’t need to do this if the breakup is not certain yet.

7. Do not Check on Him/Her

How can you move on when you still have some things reminding you of your ex? There is every need to block his or her number and delete his pictures on your devices at the moment. 
Block him/her in all the social media. Just forget about the person totally at the moment. You can redo this later when the feeling has gone.

When you do not block him/her on social media, you will definitely see his/her new posts with new and attractive outfits. You could get hurt the more.

Remember, this is a very serious action to take, do not do it when you know there is room for reconciliation. If the breakup is not too serious or if you still have the feeling that you both could settle it, then limit skip this point.

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8. Feel Free to Associate with new friends

Do everything possible to survive, feel free to associate, and have fun with your friends. Never try to go back when you know it won’t work with him/her anymore.

Relationship Tips from Machinep Love Doctor

9. Relationship/Marriage Breakup is not the End of Life

Having a breakup could mean that the person is not the right person for you. Yes, it could be an opportunity to get a better partner. Do not be worried, every disappointment is a blessing.

It is better to break up in a relationship than to break up in a marriage. Relationship breakups could be less felt than marriage breakups.

So if you have a relationship breakup, do not feel as if everything has ended. Just relax. It is better to have a relationship-breakup than a marriage-breakup.

There are some relationship issues that you may encounter, these relationship issues break up your heart but they mold you into the best version of yourself.

Never rely wholly on your partner in a relationship. Have some personal plans and objectives. Do not put full trust in anybody, and try as much as possible to make your partner notice how important you are.

Maturity matters, when trying to force and go back to a broken relationship, you should try to recognize that you are creating more harm in the future.’

This is because any problem left unsolved could generate a bigger problem in subsequent time.

10. Never force yourself on anybody immediately

N/B: Do not jump into another relationship immediately in order to get rid of the memories from your ex. Associate with new friends, but be careful about how you succumb to people’s new advances. Do not let your body do overrule your heart.

Love could begin with a smile, grow with kisses, but end up with tears. It is normal, but in whatever you do, keep in mind that you deserve a better life. You’re special in your own ways, and you are the best version of yourself. when one leaves you, it is a greater opportunity for another who will value and cherish you the more. And, hey, you deserve a better treat.

Feel free to add your suggestions, feelings, and opinions using the comment box below.

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