Shocking: Baby Born with a Long Tail of 13cm

Shocking: Baby Born with a Long Tail of 13cm

New Born Baby with Tail

A woman, in her early 30’s has given birth to a baby with tail. This baby has all the physical features of a normal human being except that he has a tail which makes him look like an animal. -Baby born with tail-

According to the doctors, this is a very strange experience as they have not encountered such issue before. One of the doctors commented that the tail is about 13 cm after measuring it with a ruler. He also added that if nothing is done, the tail will continue to grow taller as the baby grows.

The mother of the baby was both surprised and embarrassed with the situation of her baby while the father wore a disappointing look as he was observing from the corner. At a time, he screamed “but I don’t have tail, how then does my kid have”?

Meanwhile, the doctors suggested that in order to get rid of the abnormality, the tail will be operated on unless it will be worse in the nearest future.

To many, the problem may come from the mother who is suspected to have engaged in some acts of intercourse with an animal, though this is yet unconfirmed by the mother. 

Update: The tail has been cut and the baby is still alive. The baby also received some injections to terminate every tendency for the tail to grow as he grows.

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Pastor Impregnates more than 20 Church Members, Gives Reasons..

Pastor Impregnates more than 20 Church Members, Gives Reasons..

Pastor Impregnates more than 20 Church Members Secretly

A Nigerian Pastor has been arrested and detained for impregnating more than 20 women and young girls who are among the congregations of the church.

This pastor who is assumed to be about 54 years old lamented seriously with some rigorous claims that he was only following the commands of the Holy Spirit.

“The holy spirit instructed me to impregnate all those girls and women, I’m working under strict instructions”. He seriously indicated.

The pastor was identified as Ngwu Timothy from the Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity. 

Reacting on this issue, the police spokesperson, Amaraizu Ebere, openly revealed that the pastor has been charged for sexually abusing his congregation, not one, not two, but twenty plus.

In a further query by one of our correspondents, the pastor said:

“I am only working with strict instruction from the Holy Spirit. Whomever the holy spirit commanded me to impregnate, I take action on the person with immediate effect, whether the person is married or not.”

He also added that “when any of these members conceives and delivered, the baby is conditioned to remain in the church with his family as long as he/she lives.”

However, the wife of this pastor was the  person who took the bull by the horn and reported this case to the police when she saw that it is getting out of hand every day by day. 

According to machinep media, the pastor has also impregnated his wife’s young niece with the reason that he was directed by the Holy spirit to do so. This made her wife to be so ashamed of herself then proceeded to involve the police.

Reactions from People

Many people have reacted bitterly having heard of this strange news. While some strongly argued that the Holy spirit cannot give the pastor such instruction as the holy spirit is against fornication and adultery, some others are more concerned about the type of punishment that will be melted on the pastor.

Some few others blamed the girls and women and queried why they allowed their pastor to do such an abominable act with them. One Stephen Azu commented that the women are old enough to know what is good and bad, therefore they should be blamed too.

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Kisser and the Kissee – Love Story: Episode 1

Kisser and the Kissee – Love Story: Episode 1

The Kisser & the Kissee

Interesting Love Story

Episode One:

I thought kissing is only an act of love until I witnessed the one done outside of love… – kisser & the kissee-

It was all bliss for over four months I got married to Francis. The kisses will not end; he kissed me in the morning, afternoon, night, and even before going to the toilet to do some long businesses. The lovemaking will also not cease. 

Early in the morning, he will kiss me ‘wake up, It’s morning!’ and on his hand is a breakfast of a well-prepared dish by him. He would then sit by me and feed me as a baby. Of course, I am his baby. Sometimes I think this whole pampering is maybe partly due to my pregnancy or perhaps the love he professes to me. 

I was already four months pregnant before we got married. But oh well! I will enjoy the whole scenario while it lasts! During this few heaven months of marriage, we discussed everything, we left no stone unturned in the course of our discussions. Francis told me stories from his childhood to his adulthood; he told me about his past relationship, both tasteful and sour. 

Once, he told me about girls in his college days that threw themselves at him due to his unparalleled intelligence and how he sexually used a good number of them. I thought it was funny and for all the fun of it. According to him, he had only dated three girls of which one whose name was Ada broke his heart and married another man with the complaint that she cannot wait for Francis to finish University, and then get a job before getting married to her.

Francis, due to this, then broke the heart of two other women, Amaka and Beverly. On my own side, I have had five major boyfriends and ten minor boyfriends respectively. We both have had our dirty sides and so none of us judged any of us.

Secretly, I know that my marriage with Francis was unprecedented. He was just then one of my major boyfriends; I knew I loved him, but I was not sure that I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. My taking in due to one of our rigorous love affairs had taken a decision I, for one day, had not thought of. And so, I settled for it. But I will never let Francis know my little, winy, tiny secret. He has shown me so much care and love and so, I don’t want to lose this. 

However, marriage could be funny, especially on the side of the woman; it has found a way of making me wonder why in the first place I never wanted to get married – at least not now. However, this whole conjugal bliss was short-lived.

Cindy Coker was my malaria, in fact, my headache. She was the girl my husband never mentioned, not to talk of talking about. Yes, we discussed everything, but this side of Cindy being my husband’s immediate ex was the part he had left in the dark. He never spilled the beans about his love affair with Miss Coker, neither did he tell me that she is the love of his life and still the love of his life.

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I was merely a victim of unprecedented circumstances. Had it not be for my taking in, and my vehement refusal to abort the baby due to my parental/religious background, Francis would never have walked down the aisle with me. And so, I guess we didn’t discuss everything after all. Miss Cooker was his dirty secret. His immeasurable love for her was the skeleton in his cupboard.

Mr Francis Okolie had met Cindy Coker at the mall. They bumped into each other and staring at her glittering eyes, Francis knew she was the perfect girl for him. She was very beautiful, slender, and tall. She was light-skinned with a pair of brown eyes pointed nose and a rosy kissable pink lips that Francis would die kissing. That day they had starred at each other for minutes and the rest is history. 

They had dated for four years and had planned to be together except for my intrusion. During the course of these four years, there was nothing they did not do together. Francis kissed her lips for the umpteenth time. He had sucked her breast for uncountable times. He had worshiped her hips. In fact, he had lived in between her sexy legs. I bet, and I can swear, Francis would die to be with Cindy again.

However, Francis had the Achilles heel of high libido and ravenous sexual appetite. I was also a delectable site. I was also simply irresistible. 

My name is Juliet Amafor, but my friends call me Julie-sexy or Julie-wire-wire. I could get any man I want. When I swing my hips, men come rushing for it. And when my breasts dance, I bet all men just want to have a taste of it. 

Of course, Francis fell for my venus-possessed beauty.  We took it one day at a time. It was simply not true love, but it was love anyway, or what I call mere lust. And the resultant effect was a life growing in me.

When Cindy found out, she was devastated and frustrated.

“How could you do this to me after all the love you professed to me? Cindy asked Francis bitterly.” 

“It was just a fling. you are the one I truly love. Juliet means nothing.” He explained.

“Oh! So you are allowed to have flings while I am not? And you even went ahead to impregnate her while I am here playing Mary the wife of Joseph to you. Jesus Christ! Men are just Scam and Scums.” She said with disappointment written all over her face.

“Cindy listen to me, I’ll make it up to you. I am never going to marry her. She will either abort the baby or risk single parenthood, I sincerely promise.” Francis finally said. But he never fulfilled this promise. When the incessant pressure from both my parents and I came banging at the door, Francis was forced to oblige. But deep down, he silently yearned for Cindy.

During the course of all these events, Cindy plunged into depression and melancholy for months. She had once attempted suicide because of this. In most of her quiet periods, she reminisced about the good times she had together with Francis. The truckload of promises and most of all or the biggest of all, their decision to be together. All these, Francis had thrown to the dogs.

Despite Francis incessant apologies with respect to all that has happened, Cindy Coker vowed to pay back. She vowed to retaliate in some silly ways.

“He thinks, he can use me and dump me, he thinks he can make me an object of  caricature among my peers, Never!”

“You haven’t heard the last of me”. Cindy had thought aloud while biting her lower lips and clinging her fist. 

Click HERE to see Episode 2

N/B: No part of this write-up should be copied or reproduced without the prior consent of the Administrator,

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Why you must build a hedge around your marriage

Why you must build a hedge around your marriage


One question that we must ask ourselves is, what is a hedge?

A hedge, according to the free dictionary, is “a fence formed by a row of closely planted shrubs or bushes.”

Also, Jerry Jenkins, co-author of left behind series, said:

“One of the major causes of marital breakups in the Christian community is the lack of protective hedges that spouses should plant around their marriages, minds, hearts, eyes, and hands.”

Building a hedge around your marriage is akin to protecting your marriage.

The hedge being referred to here is not a physical hedge but a spiritual and emotional hedge.

Most people have no problems insuring their cars, homes, property; others install house and car alarms, build electric fences around their house but do nothing to protect our marriages.

If we are honest with ourselves, we do not even think about.

We just assume that we will not need it. Neither should our spouse.

We must remember that the enemy of our faith wants to destroy us, along with destroying every “Christian” marriage because marriage is God’s prototype of His relationship with the church.

“Our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Resist him, standing firm in the faith.” (1 Peter 5:7)

As Christians, we are to be alert. Being a Christian does not guarantee you an affair proof marriage.

What it does is give you the knowledge and power to resist and overcome when the enemy comes like a flood.

Therefore, if you have power and do not use it or tap into it, you may not be able to resist.

We must not be naive. A lot of “good Christians” fall into temptation which invariably ends their marriages.

Very few Christians if any set out to cheat or engage in a relationship outside their marriage.

More often than not, the excuse is “I never set out to fall in love with this person” and “we were just friends“.

We never hear of anyone who says “I was just looking for someone to destroy my marriage”

That’s when we realise how stupid we were in NOT guarding our hearts more than we did.

Truth is marriage does not stop you from getting attracted to someone else of the opposite sex.

Admit it or not, we will at one point or the other, you may find someone else attractive in the course of our married life.

The attraction will come in different ways. It may be a physical or emotional attraction.

It may be the way the person talks, walks, laughs or sings.

It really doesn’t matter the type of attraction.

What matters is how you deal with it.

Remembering your vows is a start in the right direction.

What marriage does is to serve as a check and a reminder of your vows and commitment to your spouse in the presence of God.

This should keep you from fleeing from the object of attraction in a bid not to fail God or your spouse.

The Bible tells us, our If we’re going to resist, we must wake up to the subtle attacks aimed to destroy the testimony of Christ in our marriages.

We can’t be cautious enough because of all that’s at stake!

We rarely meet a person who is caught in an affair that says, “I was just looking for someone to help me destroy my commitment to my spouse.”

But we DO hear, “We never meant for it to happen; it just did.”

This should be a warning for us ALL to build hedges, protecting marriage, BEFORE anything has even a CHANCE of “happening.”

What to do:

  • Be wise: Realise you can fall into temptation so don’t toy with it.
  • Most times infidelity starts out as a friendship. Remember that no one thinks he/she needs a protective hedge until it is too late.
  • Stick to boundaries created by fences: Share your deepest feelings, emotions, hurts, needs and difficulties only with your spouse.
  • Guard your heart and check if you are getting more emotionally attached to someone else other than your spouse. It doesn’t always start with sex.
  • Do not deceive yourself: If you are not connected to God, you will most likely fall over and over again.
  • This battle is not one that can be fought alone considering the level and pressure of temptation.
  • It is almost impossible to win without the help of the Holy Spirit. Stay close to God.

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  • Realise you are different: You are not the same as everyone else.
  • The fact that everyone else is doing it and seemingly getting away with it does not mean it’s okay.
  • Flee: “‘FLEE the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart’ (2 Timothy 2:22).
  • We are to run – to flee – to get out – and get away. Shall we run scared? Yes! Fear is essential.
  • ‘There are several good protections against temptation,’ Mark Twain said, “But the surest is cowardice.”
  • When you first become aware of the impact the other person has on you, that is the time to move into action.
  • Refrain from touching them, being alone with them, flirting with them (even in jest), or saying anything to them you wouldn’t say if your spouse were there.

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  • Disclosure: There may be times you find yourself incredibly attracted to someone else.
  • It may be best if you tell your spouse about it (this must be prayerfully done in order not to worsen the situation).
  • As you know your spouse, use your judgement to explain the situation in a way that he/she will understand. Most times, it is an adult version of puppy love and it will pass.


  • Pray: For strength to overcome and not fail in the day of adversity. As you pray, you will increase in strength.

Danger Zones:

Work: Your workplace: Beware of close interaction with a colleague of the opposite sex, lunch with the same person over and over again Church: Counselling, mentoring, group activities etc. Sad as it is, men and women of God can also fall into temptation.

Neighbourhood: Refrain from going into houses around your neighbourhood where you may find yourself in a room alone with the opposite sex.

Social network (friends): Be careful with the friends you keep.

If your friends do not see anything wrong in stepping outside the marriage, sooner or later you will too.

Surround yourself with godly friends with godly counsel.

Let us remember that this is about us taking ownership for building a hedge.

It will be nice if you can do this with your spouse.

However, if your spouse will not commit, you can do it alone and God will honour it.

You cannot leave your marriage unprotected.

You must plan, anticipate danger, plot the way of escape, and build hedges BEFORE the enemy attacks.

Finally, in “Hedges: Loving Your Marriage enough to Protect It” written by Jerry Jenkins: “Remind yourself what price you’d have to pay for a brief session of carnal fun.

We who have remained true to our spouses need to do something to ensure that we remain that way.

Treat this blight on marriage as the epidemic that it is. Plant a hedge.

Do something–do ANYTHING. Don’t become a statistic.

Something wonderful happens in a relationship when hedges grow.”


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A Moment with A Love Doctor – Hooking-up with the right partner

A Moment with A Love Doctor – Hooking-up with the right partner

Hooking-up with the Right Person

In this lovely and relationship moment with a love doctor, there will be a focus on how love partners meet and hook up with the right partners of their choice. 

Honestly and seriously, people should quit settling for less the people they honestly desire to settle with. This is one of the principal reasons for incompleteness in marriages and relationships. Love is just not enough. Most times you see a guy day-dreaming about marrying a powerful, elegant and classy young woman but finally, he walks down the aisle with a reversion of the case, yet compares his spouse with the woman who measures up to their standard.

In the same way, a young woman desires a particular type of man but some end up not getting just a replica of that type of man. Why?


Now the reason is not because these envisioned, picture, imagined, prince-charming does not exist. Just like they say “There is no perfect man”. Actually, there is no perfect man qua perfect man but your perfect man exists – A man you want the way you want him -.

Most girls at their very young ages desire some particular type of men. For some, he should be very wealthy, for others, he should be a very religious man. For others, he should be highly intelligent, while for some others, he should be very hardworking.

But, as their ages start ascending, they realize that they have not yet gotten their dream men and then it results in ‘visiting mushroom churches’ for misleading prophecies. There, they are told they have been chasing shadows and illusions. Afterwards, they are given a person below or even very below their taste to marry all in the name of prophecies and divinations. The repercussion is that they are not very happy and not much attracted. Attraction is super important.

Now, I am not saying that all prophecies are false or misleading. Actually some prophecies have been proved to be true. The truth is that these burning desire or taste for a particular type of spouse is actually achievable.

I am going to be unravelling a little secret now, you can’t stop reading now!

Sincerely, there is a psychological explanation as to why you are dating the current person you are dating. Aside from love and other inclusive, I will waste no time in adding age-long adage “How you dress is the way you will be addressed”. Now this adage goes beyond mere dress codes and attire, it is inclusive of your carriage and world-hood. Most likely you do not fall in the same line or perspective as with your dream man or woman.

A friend of mine once furiously complained about being toasted by touts and bad street guys. She asked why it was so. I made to realize that she was the cause of the problem. She was exactly what she was complaining about. To every effect, there is always a cause. For goodness sake, how could she dress Lady-gagaciously and expect to be toasted by a gentleman?

Of course, there are exceptions to this observation. There are cases whereby a slot walks down the aisle with a gentleman. These things and more happen but another side of the coin should be flipped.

Have you ever wondered why you have not caught the fish of your taste? Ever wondered why your dudes who ask you out are just pieces of junks, just below your taste and expectations? Ever wondered why you cannot attract the chick of your dream? Then take a long good look at yourself first. I am not insinuating changing your nature (total transformation of the you in you), perhaps, bleaching your skin white or wearing fake hips and fake ass, I just suggest advancement and enhancement. Develop yourself into who you admire. Improve yourself.

Attracting the right bae or boo is like someone going for a job interview in a bank. First thing first, you need to dress like a banker with an impeccable, clean accent and the rest to even attract the job.

Haven’t you noticed that if you are intelligent, bright and the rest, you tend to attract people of the same mental make up for balanced understanding? If you are a classy and elegant lady, you tend to scare away guys who can’t measure you up to that level.

Notice that as a Christian convert, you are surrounded by ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. The truth is if you dream of having a guy or a woman that measures up to some standards, this dream man or woman would not also condescend to the standard he or she is not, except, perhaps, he or she ‘falls’ in love. Note the word ‘fall’.

Most girls desire a handsome, very wealthy man as future spouses. The bitter truth is that no wealthy man wants to marry a lazy about or low-class lady. To attract such people, most times demands one being intelligent, presentable among other related qualities.

Same with the guys, your classy-dream lady hungers for someone of high class.

All in all, there are exceptions to these observations, however, one should not fail to develop oneself in preparation for what awaits.

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Valentine’s Day Freestyle with Guitar – Smart-G  Music

Valentine’s Day Freestyle with Guitar – Smart-G Music

Freestyle with Guitar – Smart-G & Grace Boy

Smart-G Music

Smart-G and Grace Boy are young talented solo-artists with unstoppable zeal in music and in other careers of life. They are both graduates from Imo State University, Owerri. They studied Philosophy and Computer Science respectively. Although they take music as fun and as one of their minor careers, but the passion keeps increasing.

This Valentine’s day, they have come up with this hilarious, enticing, and interesting freestyle with the acoustic guitar.

Watch Below and Enjoy their freestyle;

Interestingly, the duo guitarist tutor people who desire to learn guitar. Feel Free to make a request and it will reach their doorstep.

Check out this Guitar Introduction for Beginners

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