People’s Reactions on Buhari’s Claims

The incumbent President of the Federal Republic on Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has reacted on the trending issues concerning his cloning as was posited by many people, especially, Nigerian Citizens.

He presented his claims in a speech at Poland, yesterday. See the Full Gist HERE!

This is My Real Face, Who Said I’m Dead? – Buhari 

Meanwhile, many people have reacted both against and for his claims. This led to the disagreement and agreement by many people concerning his claims. Some of the reactions which indicated majorly on ‘the disagreement about his claims’ are highlighted below; Also some people have argued for his claims by subscribing to the notion that He is still Alive. – People’s Reactions About Buhari-

People’s Reactions About Buhari

Many people have disagreed to agree to Buhari’s claims with their following reasons. 

Firstly, Some people have, in disagreement with  his claims, wondered why he only makes such sensitive statements whenever he travels; Why can’t he say it in his country and then see people’s reaction? Why is he defending himself in Poland, while the majority of people who are firing the debate are in his Country, Nigeria? 

Secondly, many have also disagreed to agree on his claims until there is a presentation of a video where he said this or at least an audio.

One Gabriel has also lamented that;

I wish I was the President for just this moment. I would have said: “Yes, it is true that I was cloned. This is Jubrin speaking and I take telepathic directives from Buhari”

In reacting to Buhari’s claim also, one Erons also posited;

While I sincerely believe the “Jubril is Buhari” rumour is baseless & mischievous, I can’t help but ASK: Why did the President ignore his media chats? Why is #SaiBaba more comfortable granting interviews to foreign journalists? Why are there no recent videos of his online?

Another person also observed that he looks too young for his age. He must be a clone. no no no but he is suppose to be dead. Is he ? This is Jubril el
How come we have a president that has refused to speak to his citizens at home, but we only get to hear him when he is outside the country.
Why is his younger sister older than he is? Another queried!
Crimozy Modibbo  also posited that;
This news has been spreading like Wild fire in Nigeria and all this while Buhari has been in Nigeria he didn’t dim it fit to address Nigerian press. He rather address Nigerians from far away Poland. Isorite!
Ben Ubi has also observed that;

Ask why people want you dead! Abi na anti corruption, excluding Gandollar?Well for me I want you to live and see the reward of the wicked. #FreeSegunOnibiyo#FreeDejiNow#free9ja2019 Go and rest the remaining years in a country called Daura.


abeg dey come

One ethical humanist, Gaetan Dolores, called to mind and reiterated on the dumb actions of President Buhari when he was being addressed as A LIFELESS PRESIDENT  by the incumbent President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

On the other hand, some others have also spoken in a bid to indicate that President Buhari is still alive.. 


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This is my Real Face, Who Said I’m Dead? -Buhari

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