Two Brothers Murder 10 years old boy in Lagos

Two brothers from the the same mother and father, whose identities were not properly disclosed as at press time, have been arrested for allegedly murdering a 10 years old Boy in Ibeju, Lekki, Lagos State. -Two Brothers Murder 10 years old boy-.

Reports have it that the two brothers were offered N200,000 to provide a human head for ritual, which they did right away. It was earlier in suspect that they are three brothers, but one of them refused to join in the murder act.

Right now, the two brothers have been detained and set for befitting punishment that will corresponds with the height of the offence they committed. 

When Machinep interviewed them, one of them allegedly said that this is the highest of the crimes they have committed since they started committing related crimes while the other clamoured that it is devil’s handwork and sobbed uncontrollably. 


An Evangelist has reiterated on the fact that money should be made in a proper way and not in this way while wondering the miserable nature of world and atrocities committed day-by-day in the world. – Referring to the act-. In his social media, he said;

Dear people of God, what is the world turning into?
What will warrant this small boys to carry out this devilish act?
The Bible made mention of men becoming lovers of money.
We need to be vigilant, prayerful and ready at all times, because the world is already coming to an end…..


Arrest of Murder Suspect with Human Parts

Boy Kills Mum, have Sex with her Corpse for Ritual 

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