Remember when you were like that

When I visited Adanna in their residence in the Zik district some years ago, she offered me some soda to drink and a gesture for me to sit down on the sofa. Her parents were sitting across a metal conference table without talking to each other. I walked up to them and greeted them.

They looked and returned the greeting with nods, indicating they were aware of my presence.

“For five years and three months, my parents had not been on good terms with each other,” Adanna said. 

“Looking at my face, you can observe that I have come to reconcile two of you, so, please do let me know the problem, I can be of help to you,” I said.

Her mother did not respond at once, but after looking down at me, she said, “the problem is not from me, the problem is from his side.”

I told her to play the blame game later, just look for solutions.

I know that some family problems are secretive.

Adanna had already told me some of the problems before my advent.

I cannot tell them how or what their family should be, but I can only advise them to have a regular time together.

 As I was talking, I saw around the room their old pictures.

I asked why they only hung pictures of them when they were young and I never saw them as old.

I picked one of them (this one I posted) and then asked the man, “Can you tell the good memories of this picture?”

We all sat down, he began to tell us something that happened when they got married newly.

 “This is a part of my personal and cherished love story, every love story is unique and beautiful in its own way.

This was the time when love was the only thing we knew.” he said.

As he continued telling his story, I could see the tears welling up in his eyes.

Not really appreciated by me and Adanna but by his wife.

He was reflecting on those days he wrote love messages to her wife (then a girlfriend).

On those days they called each other sweetheart.

Those days they behaved like children to each other.

At the end of his story, I said to them. 


Old couples can learn from this.

Always remember those love memories, don’t remember the faults.

The fault will always come, but only love can override every other weak point.

Always remember to tell each other, “I LOVE YOU” even one is at fault.

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