For quite some time now, the United States of America has been in the news. Why is that so? Border Wall! In this wonderful article, you will discover the things fall apart and reasons for the wall we must build.

The American President had insisted that $5.7bn be included in the Budget Spending by the Congress but the Democrats, an opposition party which has control of the House vehemently rejects this proposal with President Donald Trump forcing a Government Shutdown – the longest in US history. 

The president argues that building the border wall at the southern border will check illegal migration and reduce crime. In his words, ‘build the wall and crime will fall!’

These ‘wall arguments’ are without doubt Government Issues.  But what about our societal walls, our ethical walls and our religious walls. Often times, we build walls without knowing that we do.

We shut people out of our lives –that is what walls are meant to do, after all- and refuse them help when they need it most. We do not pay acute attention to the need of the other person and we are just so egoistic that nothing else matters.

It is worthy to x-ray the walls needed in these areas (society, ethics and religion) of our life.

On Society:

There is the existence of castes and cadres in our society that really needs to be abolished. In India, some classes of people are never allowed to mingle with other classes of people.

Among the Igbos, a tribe found in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, the Osu are not allowed to interact with the Dialas.  The Osu, people believed to be sacrificed to the gods of the land are denied communion and intercourse with the Diala( people believe to OWN the land) in the areas of marriage, chieftaincy title and appointments. In places where this segregation is extreme, these people (Osu) are openly killed.

Economically, in the society, people cannot be placed on the same scale when measuring wealth. There is evident, the discrepancies in economic balance among individual and nations.

A recent study conducted in the United States reveal that 1% of wealthiest Americans have so much money that could feed the entire populace for 500 years! Astonishing right?  Sadly by extension, this difference in economy has affected relationships and relations as no rich family wants association with those deemed poor. Birds of a feather flock together, right? In all my years of existence, I have learnt a lot of lessons from the airline companies.

These guys have a lot to teach but ironically, they do not know that they teach us. THE LESSON: Airlines have First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. That is the origin of modern economical classification, I believe so. Yet, when the plane crashes, those in the Economy Class do not first die before the First Class occupants nor are the First Classers  given a ‘rich death’.

EVERY ONE OF THEM DIES. So, if we do not come together and offer solutions to the raging problem in the society, every one of us suffers it!

On Ethics

The decline of morality is witnessed in our everyday lives and it seems as though we can do just nothing about it. With the growing statistics in murder, rape, suicide, arson and other immoralities, we find ourselves heading quickly to the land of no return. We decry these because what wall we should of built was not built.

If we had loved each other and paid more attention to the plight of others, if we had listened before we spoke and counted the cost before we acted. If we had done these, then the walls which would guide our morality would have long been built.

It is a truism that morality (ethics) is relativistic to an extent but if there were no compromise and confluence in our decisions and positions, then we cannot rightly claim difference from the other animals. These beasts do not agree with another and it is a case of trample and go and nothing is checked.  

This must not be found among us, we who claim rationality and different from the lower animals. Sadly, today, we no longer have sense of what is right and what is not. As pointed above, morality is relativistic and that is why a Nigerian politician thinks that catering away huge amount of money and appointing his/her relative to succeed him/her is good.

That is why some world leaders think that remain in power forcefully makes them a little like God and until they are forced out of power, they see nothing wrong in being there by force.

To guide our actions, we must employ many philosophical concepts and evaluate these concepts we use. If we judge the morality of our actions on the basis of the greater number of people they favor positively (utilitarianism), we must not stop there for we must evaluate these actions and see if they were done out of a sense of duty (deontology); and we must not stop there for we must check if these actions are sources of happiness, perpetual happiness (hedonism).

Now, if we do these, we have every reason to dispel the Homo mensura omnia  thinking. We build a strong fort with these fragments of theories and become better secured in the paradise we create and then that is the wall we must build!

On Religion

In the past, discourse on religion was carefully attempted lest we annoy the God who created us all. Our men of God used to respect us and we reciprocated the respect because we were afraid to offend God through harming these ordained ministers (Psalm 105:15).

Just as a woman sleeping, her husband touches her and she becomes sexually aroused- and then sex happens! This is what happened; we have been silent and respectful towards the men of God, but they touched us so that we have had to revolt.

Yes, we have had to revolt because they stage miracles; we have had to revolt because they build auditoriums when their neighbors live in mud houses; we have had to revolt because they build schools with our money and we cannot even attend those schools; we have had to revolt because they preach celibacy yet have generations!

This is why we revolt against these god of men. It is certain that we lack walls to check these daylight religious robbery coming from the southern border. We must now demand a wall, and be as vigorous as Trump who daily demands money from the Democrats to build his wall.

We must now sack these irresponsible preachers and be more science-inclined. We must build a wall- yes, a religious wall and keep irrational religious practices in check.


Trump argues that the wall will keep out crimes. Pope Francis however believes we must build bridges in the stead of walls. Yet we must be harsh in the face of harsh situations and our diligence will see us through.

So, if we must continue to answer humans, we must task ourselves, raise some money and rather than build a way along the Southern Border of America, we build a fort against these areas outlined above.

Indeed, we must build the wall- the wall we must build!

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