‘Go And Cut Wole Soyinka’s Afro’, Facebook User Orders Nigerian Army

Go And Cut Wole Soyinka’s Hair

Eight days ago, we woke to a news shared on the social media about how soldiers of the Nigerian Army had the temerity to stop a commercial bus, rebuke the driver for playing a certain music and eventually cutting some young men’s hair, who were reportedly in that bus.

While the news is going down and vanishing like the many news in Nigeria which need sufficient attention, a Facebook user, Gaetan Dolores, has dug up the issue, and this time, in a strange and hilarious way.

Posting on his timeline, this social critic, known for working towards correcting the social ills in the society have given the Nigerian Army a new mandate and job. This Facebook user orders soldiers:





The poster argued that for long, the security agencies have just misplaced their priorities and have got everything wrong from the way they turn their ‘eye of suspicion’ towards innocent civilians to the way they don’t even understand their jobs.

Nigeria, has just been riddled with these kinds of negative news. We just hope that this attention the poster draws will solve the problem, to an extent!



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