Yahoo Boy Caught Stealing Pants

An Internet fraudster, popularly addressed as ‘Yahoo Boy’  has been caught stealing female pants at gunpoint for the reason of using them for work.

Internet fraud, otherwise known as “Yahoo”, has been trending for years now and mostly youths from some countries like Nigeria have engaged themselves in this activity. Despite all the effort of security agents to stop this activity, all to no avail. Many are still recruiting new workers.

However, there are many ways to do the cool work, but the practitioners come up with new methods everyday. This time, the trending one is ‘Collection or Snatching of female direct underwear (pants)’.

The man in the picture above who is in his late 20’s has been caught in the act. He goes around with gun and forcefully steal/Snatch female’s pants at gunpoint with the intention of boosting his work level with them. 

He has already been beaten up and humiliated by angry mob. 

When he steals them, he sells them for the amount of N200,000.00 and N350,000.00. 

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Effects on Pant Owners Snatched by Yahoo Boys

By stealing and using these female pants, there are some implication on the side of the ladies who own the under-wears. The implication varies according to the rituals and manipulations done. 

When a yahoo boy steals pant from ladies, these, and many more may likely happen to the lady;

She may not marry again, Despite how beautiful you are, no marriage;

If she marries, no child;

Any man she sleeps with will end up becoming poor.

Any man she sleeps with will end up loosing ingredients to spice up his careers.

Playfully, on hearing this, some girls have decided not to wear pant again.


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