Yahoo Boy Stole Sister’s Pant for Benz in Oshodi, Lagos [Photos]

Yahoo Boy Stole Sister’s Pant for Benz

A Nigerian (yahoo boy), in his early 20’s has allegedly stole one of her sister’s undies with the aim of making money with it and then using it to buy Benz.

Nigerian Internet Fraudsters, otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Boys’ have been caught in different occasions stealing or snatching ladies’s undies forcefully even at gunpoint with the intention to make a lot of money with them through ritual.

One of the Yahoo boys has been caught at the middle hours of Tuesday wearing a stolen pant belonging to his own sister at Bolande, Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria. 

As he was on his way to deliver the pant for money making, he was caught incidentally and was arrested by Lagos State Police Force.

As far as Nigerian Yahoo Boys and their work are concerned, this (using ladies’s undies) is their latest style of making surplus money through rituals. 

Reactions From Nigerian Ladies;

Nigerian Ladies have bitterly reacted over the ugly and unpleasant activities of Yahoo boys who have been using ladies’s undies to achieve their monetary goals in one ugly way or the other.

Most Nigerian Ladies have clamored about the trending evil style of snatching their undies from them either forcefully or by stealing in order to make money. 

According to Lady-G, a Professional makeup artist;

This ugly method that Nigerian Yahoo Guys are using is getting out of hand; It is a hot slap to our faces, she reiterated. 

It completely shows that they have no respect and do not value the life of the Ladies.

Liyounce reiterates on the fact that money is not everything and constantly repeated the question “What have we ladies done to you guys”? 

While filming herself, she cried bitterly about the ongoing latest activities of Nigerian Yahoo boys   Lady Reacts Over Yahoo Boys-


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