Dangerous things you should stop doing!

For most people (albeit all of us) it is just about living life, not taking into accounts little things which can kill us. We have compiled some things we do everyday which should have killed us long ago, were it not for God’s  grace (for the religious person) or mere luck (for the secular man). Do you know that everyday you live, you face more than a thousand ways to die. Here are some of the things which should have killed you long ago;

1. Charging Your Phone Under The Pillow Overnight

Charging your phone under the pillow is one of the life threatening things people do every day. As a matter of fact, charging your phone under the pillow overnight is as risky as leaving your gas cooker on all through the night. When the charger gives up the heat, it usually has nowhere to go as there is no ventilation. This will automatically set the pillow on fire.

2. Popping of wines

Popping of wines is also among the list of life threatening things you do every day. According to reports, flying wines corks are responsible for several potentially eye blind injuries like ocular bleeding, acute glaucoma and retinal detachment. Now, it is not the fact that one should not pop wine, but when popping, one should consider being careful..

3. Boredom

Boredom is a disease that kills faster than Corona Virus. According to University of London college researchers, bored people are generally likely to die young due to unhealthy life choices. 

In order to kill boredom, it is necessary to get the mind and body busy with so many things ranging from “exploring and making use of your talents” to ” engaging yourself in many positive things that could help boost your profile positively. If you think you do not have any talent, kindly READ THIS BEAUTIFUL WAYS TO DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS . At the end, you will discover your talents and then develop them.

4. Washing Your Hair In A Salon

Ladies, washing your hair in a salon is not too good. It can cause a crippling stroke. A crippling stroke happens when the neck’s artery gets torn due to head tilt backwards. Washing your  hair in the salon is not bad, but it’s dangerous to stay for a long time with your head tilted backwards.

5. Use Of Cotton Swab

The use of Cotton Swab (Popularly known as cotton bud) is also among the life threatening things you do every day. We have seen instances when children stick cotton swab in their ear and lead to serious medical issues.

Generally, the use of cotton swab is dangerous as it can affect hearing and balance. Sometimes, it can even damage the nerves in the face. But, if you must use cotton swab to clean your ear, it’s advisable to take every preventive measure as regards being careful while using it.

6. The Use of Escalators

Using escalator is another dangerous thing people do every day. Several people get real injuries every year due to escalators. So, you can do yourself good and use the regular staircase. This is most likely suggested to elderly people and children; when standing o an escalator with an elderly person or a child, be very careful and watchful too in order guide and protect them.

7. Using A fully Tiled Toilet Or Bathroom Without Slippers

Using the bathroom or toilet without slippers is very dangerous especially tiled ones. Therefore, ensure that you always use your slippers whenever you are entering a fully tiled toilet. The best type of slippers to be used is the common bathroom slippers everybody uses. Again, if the alignment of the slippers is not good, kindly change the slippers entirely.

8. Leaving The House Without Switching Off Electrical Appliances

About 65 percent of most domestic fires are caused by electrical appliances. So, it is advisable to always switch off all electrical appliances before leaving the house. Since there could be electrical malfunctioning at any time, it is better to switch all your electrical appliances before going out.. If you are around, and there is any electrical malfunctioning,  it could be corrected and curbed at the earlier notice, but if you are not around, it could end up damaging the whole house just in few minutes. 

9. Excessive Use Of Headphones

Where are the lovers of headphones? Do you know that your headphones may be killing you slowing? Listening to music with headphones, and on high volume, will damage your hearing gradually. Also, it can lead to hypertension, stroke and heart failure. 

Eating Late at Night and Sleeping Shortly thereafter

The best time to take dinner is from 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm. Later than this, it is very risky to take dinner as it will not have enough time to digest before you go to bed. It is worse when you sleep shortly after late dinner. However, in other to keep fit, maintain a healthy life and live long, it is highly advisable to take dinner on time especially elderly people. Similarly, it is also good take breakfast properly with with time and to eat balance diet too.

Being careful is just one thing man can never be tired of and must employ every means to save his life. How dangerous do these ordinary things appear to you now?

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