Imo North senatorial zone (Okigwe Zone) is in rack and ruin and often referred to as the only underdeveloped zone in Imo state. Okigwe zone and Ndubeze Patrick –

The backwardness is as a result of Men whose greedy nature has continued to be an impediment to the development of the zone.

The backwards and poor representation of the zone in the red chambers is capable of breaking the lacrimal gland of anyone who mean well for the zone.

These men have continued to be cogs in the wheel of speedy development in our dear zone.

The Senatorial position have continued to be occupied by men who hoodwink us with fake promise of attracting federal presence to the zone only to be voted into the red chambers and they zone out while others attract projects to their zones, all we see is paper work constituency project with nothing on ground.

We are tired of yak shaving in the zone.

A Review of the Plans of Hon. Ndubueze Patrick C.

However, there seem to be the light at the end of the tunnel as Hon. PATRICK .C.NDUBUEZE is out to wipe away the tears of the good people of the zone through quality representation at the red chambers and to bring constituency projects on ground and not the usual paper work we see in the past with nothing on ground.

Hon. PATRICK.C. NDUBUEZE a servant leader with yeoman’s service and with the ideology that that representation should be participatory, transparent, accountable, effective and equitable will surely break the yoke of under performance in the red chambers and see to the breaking of the jinx of underdevelopment of the zone and make sure the boat of the zone keep floating.

The time for hoodwinking us is over as the people of the zone are no longer gullible so can’t fall prey to the usual fake promise of the people who have been given the chance but have chosen to enrich themselves instead of service to the good people of Okigwe zone. 

It is no longer business as usual through money politics of voting buying. It is time for the zone to wake up and smell the coffee.

A look at the men who are candidates for the OKIGWE SENATORIAL POSITION have shown that Hon. PARICK .C.NDUBUEZE is the UNO-AB-ALTO. He has shown and proven to be the only one who will zero in to the actual yearnings of NDI OKIGWE.

Hon. PATRICK .C.NDUBUEZE will surely be proactive in the arrears of attracting, initiating and embarking on issues that will be beneficial to NDI OKIGWE.

Let us revamp OKIGWE zone by voting Hon. P.C NDUBUEZE a man who has amply displayed unprecedented understanding of the needs of NDI Okigwe.



Through DIVINE PROJECT, Okigwe Zone is sure of FRESH AIR.


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