Man Marries His Guitar in Lagos

A man who has been in love with his guitar has finally considered to marry her yesterday. Harri Best is a Nigerian citizen and a singer from Abeokuta in Ogun State. – Man Marries His Guitar

The guitar has been his companion for years now. Though he has other instruments such as keyboard including other guitars, but he has decided to marry this particular one whose name is not yet certain as at press time.

Harri landed on the wedding ground with his the bride (guitar) and other musical instruments such as keyboard. His guitar was appearing on a wedding gown as the bride.

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When he was queried by machinep, he lamented that it has been his wish to marry his first and last love, which is Music. In  his reasons, he reiterated on the fact that he will only continue to live happily if he marries his love, Guitar. He further explained that the Guitar will never stop loving him and she cannot divorce him in the subsequent time; they are entangled already.

He wrote:

Yesterday 28th Nov 2018,was a beautiful day.I #married my 1st #love Music.Music has been the biggest love of my life,even before i could speak.I would literally DIE without it in my life. We’ve had many ups and downs,in fact more downs than ups.But i’m happiest when i’m with music.It makes me happy,makes me laugh and cry.Apart from my family,its the most important thing in my life.A close second is #manchesterunited, 3 friends,a dish of Jollof rice with plantain,chicken or fish???.
You may think i am crazy,but this is the most SANE THING I’VE EVER DONE!
This is one marriage that definitely wont end in a divorce.Music and i have many kids already, now we are off to make many more! #afrobeats #funk #funkopop #music #nigeria#london #britain #africa #france #wedding


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