Nicki Minaj Puts Man to Lap Dance

U.S popular female hip hop superstar, Nicki Minaj, has given Manu Myer a hot lap dance in the presence of his girlfriend on a Music stage. – Nicki Minaj puts man to lap dance

Nicki pulled Manu Myer up to the stage for a special and hot lap dance during the Fomo By Night concert at Auckland’s Spark Arena on Wednesday Night. 

Manu Myer who enjoyed the lap dance already bragged about receiving a special and hot lap dance from the world’s popular female musician, Nicki Minaj.

Manu has posted a video of the special lap Dance from Nicki on his Facebook page. The lap dance video shows him seated front and center on stage while Nicki gets up close and personal alongside her entourage of dancers on the stage. 

What About the Girlfriend?

At the end of the ‘Anaconda‘ Song by Nicki, she asked Myer to identify his girlfriend who has been sitting with her mouth wide open in the crowd watching his boyfriend and the lap dance on the stage. 

“Identify your girlfriend and bring her up, quickly!” Nicki interestingly ordered.


The girlfriend came up to the stage and Nicki started by clarifying to the crowd that his girlfriend told her to give his guy a lap dance. Nicki said;

The girlfriend told me to give him a lap dance you guys, I didn’t do this on purpose. I just wanna prove to you guys that she was okay with this!

The girlfriend, Mya, also from Manurewa, then let out her feelings by professing her love for Nicki Minaj and also thank Nicki for the performance on the stage.

Mya, the girlfriend, went on to ask Nicki if she should marry her partner, to which Nicki replied, “get married and live happily ever after!” before ushering the pair off stage.

Manu has already updated his Facebook profile to read: “Yes, Nicki Minaj gave me a lap dance”.

Watch the Special Lap Dance from Nicki Below;

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