Nigeria is an African country, often referred to as ‘the Giant of Africa’, containing more than 200 million people by population. It has a cool atmosphere and mineral resources that can sustain the entire residents, and even more for export. Among these millions of people, the youths are up to 60%, and about 59% are real hustlers who work so hard, and would hardly sleep just to earn a living.

Now, think about this. Among the youths, especially students and graduates, using computers to hustle for a living is one of the major jobs they have created for themselves. And why would they do that? The answer is simple, ‘the youths have created jobs for themselves because the government has failed them in all ramification’, and this is the major reason why all the higher institutions in Nigeria produce millions of graduates every year, but there is no single befitting job for any of them. This is just an introduction, just keep on scrolling.

As a reoccurring decimal, the police always barge into different areas of the country to arrest hundreds of Nigerian Youths who they claim to be the suspect of Internet Frauds, popularly known as yahoo. The worst part is that, in the process, they apprehend even innocent citizens who also use computers to earn a living through some genuine ways.

Of course, if the so-called Yahoo boys are frauding some foreigners, it may be a bad thing, but is it the major problem of Nigeria? Absolutely No! Now, this is how the game goes. Let’s start with the reasons why some Nigerian youths choose to do Yahoo.

5 Reasons Why Nigerian Youths do Yahoo

  1. Bad Government (the major reason)
  2. High rate of Unemployment
  3. Lack of good Social Amenities
  4. High rate of Poverty
  5. Poor Educational System and Facilities

1. Bad Governance

Bad Governance is the major reason why Nigerian Youths do Yahoo, and in fact, the other reasons listed above are all encapsulated and triggered by Bad Governance. This is because Bad governance is the factor that triggers a high rate of unemployment, lack of good social amenities, high rate of poverty, poor educational system and facilities, including many other ugly scenarios such as Terrorism, Fulani Herdsmen evil deeds, Boko Haram, to mention but a few, as experienced in Nigeria. Bad Governance is the father of Yahoo. Bad Governance gave birth to Yahoo Boys.

2. High rate of Unemployment

Do you know that 99% of Nigerian Youths do not have any befitting job from the government? Yes, Nigerian Youths are vibrant, creative, brilliant, and very hard working too. In fact, there is no country that does not have Nigerian Youths as hardworking residents because they travel far and wide to develop their skills, learn more, and become greater people despite the setback and discouragement from their country.

Now, can you imagine what would happen to more than a 100million youths who have been denied good jobs by the government? You would discover that ‘in the absence of good jobs, the people will be conditioned to get into different fields and try to create jobs for themselves.

It is true that the government must not provide good jobs for all the youths as they have claimed, but what about the good environment and basic social amenities that will help the people to become great entrepreneurs? The government has denied that too. Think about good road, steady power supply, good economy, availability of raw materials and resources for work, and a lot more. You see, it is nothing to write home about. This issue is further discussed in the next point below.

3. Lack of good Social Amenities

Let’s put this into practice. Think of a Nigerian Youth who wants to become a welder. Apart from the Welding instruments and other efficient costs, he/she must buy a big Liesta and drums of Diesel to run and operate the business for a month, because there is no steady light.

Think of other professions and handworks such as Fashion Designing, Barbing, Computer programming, Graphic Designing, and in fact, all handworks, they cannot practically run efficiently without having the basic social amenities from the government who has denied them of a good job.

It seems we are diving too far, do you know that the Nigerian government cannot even provide drinking water to the citizens? And yet, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, they preach every day for people to wash their hands under running water for 20minutes every time, but cannot provide any water tap in the communities talk more of the ones that are functioning.

At this moment, you are probably reasoning along, but there are a lot more to talk about.

4. High rate of Poverty

Following the above premises and analysis, you would notice that the bad governance of Nigeria has led to a dangerously high rate of poverty among millions of Nigerian citizens. And, this is one of the major reasons why Nigerian Youths choose to go into the Yahoo business. Now, you may be thinking right now that this Yahoo business is not good with the logic that they also need a power supply to work and some basic social amenities, so if they can get those facilities for work, why don’t they channel it into some more ‘legal’ jobs?

Well, if you think in such a manner, you are thinking straight, but there are some factors that yet vague before you. Now, this is how it works. It is a good habit to start-up more legal businesses, and 100% of Nigerian youths seem to be eager to get into such types of business only if they will get maximum income as compared to the hard work they put in. This is why most people join the Yahoo business because they are 70% assured that if they take it seriously, they will make maximum income, and extend the income to their loved ones.

You must keep in mind that the major aim of this amazing article is to focus on the major problem and not on the grandchildren or descendants of the major problem. However, joining Yahoo is not a good habit because of the nature of the business. So, you are advised not to join Yahoo, rather keep reading to see what you should do rather than Yahoo.

In the end, this point explains the fact that bad governance, which gave birth to poverty, is a major reason why Nigerian Youths join Yahoo. What’s next? Let’s find out!

5. Poor Educational System and Facilities

Education in Nigeria seems to exist in oblivion because the direct value is very insignificant. It is so bad that millions of Nigerians are educated with the highest level of degree, Ph.D., but the education impact is nothing to write home about. This is because the government has refused to provide a good quality studying environment, instruments, and equipment, and even hope for a job after school.

You may have encountered University graduates scream “School na Scam” with a heavy sigh. Well, that has summarized everything about this point. Now, under the poor educational system and facilities, the university learns poorly and in the end, they won’t get the professional knowledge about their field of study, and they won’t even know they have missed a lot until they come to graduate and see that a lot of time has been wasted.

However, this issue is rooted in bad government who have denied the students an opportunity to acquire sound education, and so, when they graduate, they end up looking for anything to do to earn a good living. This is one of the major reasons why Nigerian Youths join Yahoo. Now, who takes the blame? It seems to be the government, but it doesn’t end here.

Again, most students do not even wait to graduate, they dive into the Yahoo business right from their first year in the University, or even before entering the university because the products of bad governance is becoming clearer to everybody and thus condition them to run after the black goat in the day time, rather than night. Now, let’s see why Yahoo boys should not be arrested or disturbed.

101 Reasons Why Yahoo Boys should not be Arrested or Disturbed

It is important to clarify that these reasons are concerning the Yahoo Boys and not the Yahoo Plus. You may ask, ‘what’s the difference between Yahoo and Yahoo Plus (+). Let’s swiftly discuss the difference before diving into the reasons why they are not the major problem of the country, Nigeria.

5 Major Differences Between Yahoo and Yahoo Plus (+)

S/NOrdinary YahooYahoo Plus (+)
1Yahoo is an ordinary but sensitive businessYahoo Plus is an extraordinary and extra-sensitive business
2Yahoo is done without any spiritual commitmentYahoo Plus requires some fetish spiritual commitment
3Yahoo puts enough money into your accountYahoo Plus makes you the owner of a bank, and more
4Yahoo can be done by anybodyYahoo Plus can only be done by those who have a strong mind
5Yahoo does not have any spiritual side effectYahoo Plus can make you insane if any single mistake occurs

Now, it’s time to discuss the several reasons why Yahoo Boys should not be disturbed or arrested. If you have gotten to this line of the article, it could mean that you have gotten enough reasons already, but that’s not the end.

Major Reasons Why Yahoo Boys should not be Disturbed or Arrested

The major reason why Yahoo Boys should not be arrested is because they are not the major problem in the country. Again, the top politicians who are corrupt seem to be the main Yahoo Boys in the country, and so, the young youths are learning from them. So, if the main problem is arrested, the lesser problem would be taken care of without much ado. Let’s put this into practice.

Do you know that Nigerian Politicians (government) borrow billions of dollars from other countries, to buy expensive and luxurious things, have top-ranked investments, send their children and relatives abroad for studies and medical checkups and treatment, and do all sorts of things, without the hope to pay back the billions of dollars they borrow? Now, this is the major problem, and this is the main Yahoo from which other Yahoo boys (the youths) learn a little from.

Now, why would the father order force men to arrest and disturb his children who have not even done 1% of what he does on a daily basis? Yes, the Yahoo boys are even better than them because they go out there, make their clients stay on the same page with them, and have them consciously send money to them, which they use to develop the country and take care of their loved ones since there is no job.

But, the government goes out there to borrow a huge amount of money, share it within themselves, and use it to keep their relatives comfortable abroad, without any intention to pay back. Of course, if there is any intention to pay back, why then do they keep on borrowing on a daily basis without investing the money in something that will generate more money for payback?

However, the main Yahoo Boys are Corrupt governments and corrupt politicians who borrow billions of dollars and squander the money without any hope for national investments, good social amenities, good education, and facilities, and yet without any intention to pay back the money.

The irony of the whole thing is that these politicians can never send their children to Nigerian schools because they know that they offer very poor education. Again, they cannot visit any Nigerian Hospital when they are sick because they know the bad condition they have kept everything.

Just a few days ago, CBN in conjunction with the Federal Government ordered every bank to close all bank accounts that are connected to any Cryptocurrency exchangers, thereby ordering and frustrating all Nigerians who are into Cryptocurrencies to stop any such activity. The funny thing is that they (government and CBN) do not even know what Cryptocurrency is because if they do, they won’t see it as a factor that dwindles the economy of Nigeria.

Yes, this sanction affected 70% of Nigerian Youths, but they are still progressing because they already know that anything can happen in Nigeria, and so, there are a lot of alternative plans in case such a thing happens. In fact, a lot of people are still trading in an alternative way, and they are still making their money, and this, the government cannot even discover talk more of doing anything about it.

Now, let’s be realistic. Cryptocurrency is a superb and lucrative business, and even the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, has invested billions of dollars in Bitcoin just a few days ago and has made more than 20% of the money, about $200,000.00. So, if the Federal government and CBN put a stop to it, what do they expect over a hundred million Nigerian Youths to do since they have refused them a good job? You see, everything is messed up.

The striking point is that this ugly situation is the history behind the establishment of the Yahoo Boys Association. But, it is irrational enough for a country to focus on the minor problems that were caused by the major problems, bad government.

12 Better Works you can do with your Laptop instead of Yahoo?

At this point, it is important to indicate that I do not encourage Nigerian youths to join Yahoo since it is seen as a negative business, and so I have some amazing suggestions to let out to everybody who wants to succeed in a more genuine way.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a Web Designer, Full Stack Developer, Editor, Graphics Designer, and 3D Animation Expert, skillful Video Editor, Musician, Philosopher, Crypto Trader, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Tutor, Blogger, etc.

Yes, I combine all these professionally because I started doing them earlier than later. But, the excellent point is that I am not a Yahoo boy, and I do not encourage people to join Yahoo because there are some other lucrative fields they can get into with their computers and make a huge amount of money, even more than Yahoo boys. Let’s get into it.

  1. Learn and acquire first-class skills of Graphics Designing with your laptop with some software like Adobe Illustrator
  2. Learn and acquire the skills of 2D professional Animations with some software like Adobe After Effects
  3. Learn and acquire the skills of 3D professional Animations with some software like Blender
  4. Learn and acquire the skills of Whiteboard Animations with some software like Doodly
  5. Learn and acquire the skills of professional Video Editing with some software like Adobe Premiere Pro
  6. Learn and acquire the skills of professional Web Designing (you can contact or
  7. Learn and acquire the skills of professional Web Development with your laptop
  8. Lean and acquire the skills of professional Editing in English with your laptop.
  9. Learn and acquire the skills of professional Proofreading and Formatting with your Laptop
  10. Learn and acquire the skills of professional Drawing with some software like AutoCAD, Illustrator, etc.
  11. Learn and acquire the skills of Music Production with your laptop with some software like FL Studio
  12. Learn and acquire the skills of Mastering and Mixing in the music industry, and a lot more.

The good news is that any of these astounding skills could be acquired professionally if you desire to, within a few months. For a quick help in any of them, kindly send a mail to, admin@pereere.con or

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