Truth in lies

Do you know that you can
travel from Nsukka to Enugu
in 10mins? I know it is 1hr
drive but I consider it a

On that beautiful day, I was
only sitting alone in the front
seat of Peace Mass Transit
bus with bus number 1432.

I was observing people going
to and fro in the park.

I have never seen her and I was sure she never knew me. “Izunwaonu is anyone sitting
with you in that front seat?”, she inquired and continued, “What a wonderful
coincidence, your phone number and mine are the same except the last two digits”.
Who could have told her my name?

Does she see vision? Where did she get my phone number? I had wanted to say yes that somebody was sitting with me but I was not sentient enough when I mumbled, “No!”

Beyond doubt, a young boy was sitting at the seat before her advent but my
reasoning was imprisoned by emotion immediately I saw her.

Before our bus left Nsukka for Enugu, the young man came back. However, the only thing I could do
was to confuse him when I was unable to convince him.

She was talking but I never understood what she was saying.

Though I was hearing her, I was interested in observing her face in the rear mirror.

She painted her face as though the sophists were at work.

Her eye lashes stood erect and gave a gorgeous stance.

The conjunctiva that covered the cornea of her eyes was very eye-catching.

The paint on her lips had the same color with those of the shoes and pinging trousers she was wearing.

I had wanted to take pictures with her when she turned on the selfie camera of her smart phone but I was afraid.

She gave me the smart phone and inquired if the pictures she took were beautiful.

I wondered if she were the same person because I could not find spot, the zit which I knew she had.

“But you are not the same here” I responded. She accepted it was artificial, that she
used an App called BeautyPlus.

The app according to her makes anyone who uses it beautiful.

No wonder everyone post artificial and unreal photos on social networks.

If she had thought critically, she would have known that I lied to her
when I claimed not have any account in social networks.

I had wanted the driver to reduce the velocity by which he was driving although I
was not the only man in the bus.

I wished I had paused the time in order to spin out more conversation with her.

I had wanted to know her name but never wanted to ask her.

The sharp corners at Opi Agu budged our bus in a direction I never liked.

I felt the contact of her body in my heart and then on my skin.

The music emanating from the speaker in the bus never changed the sensation.

The movement of her lips electrified and made the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

The mirage on the coal tar provided the solution when it started appearing and

I began to think beyond appearance.

This cannot be original product.

Then I asked her how she knew my name and phone number and she averred that
she saw it written on the manifest. “Okay! How much did it cost you to appear
gorgeous?” I asked.

I never expected lectures from her and she started listing what
she applied to become beautiful. "My hair took me N2300, Eye Lashes N900,
Conjunctivae N1400, Nails N500, Pomade N3700,…" She had wanted to continue
but I asked her to stop.

I learnt that she used a colored powder that made her to
appear as though she was fair in complexion.

I never expected such answers from
her nevertheless she taught me a great lesson.

The most troubling thing in this new generation is the inability to distinguish
between appearance and reality.

Some women have made it easier for me to understand philosophy better.

There is a reason for this assertion because every event has a cause.

We live in a world of objects whose existence and behavior are
independent of our knowledge of them.

This particular experience is not an exception.

Women know what they can do to trigger men off because some men
cannot reason beyond our sensory perception.

Now you know that you can travel from Nsukka to Enugu in 10mins only when
you stay with such deceptive beautiful women in the same seat in the same bus.

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