Herdsmen Kidnapped 4 Rev. Fathers

In warri, Delta State, some group of men who were suspected as Fulani herdsmen kidnapped four Reverend Fathers in Abraka region, Ethiope East local government area of Delta State.

This ugly scenario took place at the middle hours of yesterday, being Tuesday as the Reverend fathers were decending the Abraka bridge. 

How it Happened

It happened that the clergymen were travelling with their four vehicles and suddenly the kidnappers forcefully stopped two of the vehicles and ordered them to come down with their harsh and ugly voices. Meanwhile the other two in the front escaped and alerted the other priests in Warri Diocese of their encounter.

 These clergymen were actually travelling to Ekpoma for their school’s old student meeting. Among them was Fr. Obadjere who was among the priests that were not apprehended.

According to a verified account, they were four vehicles, but the kidnappers could not reach the first two vehicles in front.. The kidnappers appear to be Fulani Herdsmen as their attires and actions were closely related.

Two of the Priests are from the Arch Diocese of Benin, one from Abuja and the other from Warri Diocese. 

Aftermath of the Event

The kidnappers have not yet disclosed their intentions as they have not demanded for any money yet.

However, Delta State Commissioner, Mr. Mohammad Mustafa have not responded to the reports and messages directed to him. 


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