By: Agbajeogu Chibueze E.

Why Students?  Why the Youths?

Youths are the life-blood that sustains every Nation because, without the youths, the race would die off. It is often said that youths are the leaders of tomorrow, it is obvious that we found ourselves in a system whereby the latter seemed elusive.  Aside from the current Bad Leadership and Frustration in the Country, Our Uncles and Immediate Relations are Constituents of this Suicidal Abhor!!

But I believe that any society that is concerned with its future is supposed to give preferential treatment to the welfare and development of its youth. The youths in Nigeria arguably have not been given sufficient attention by the government.

It is very painful and disheartening that an oblivious stigma has interruptable befalling our richly blessed nation.

Scrolling down News Feeds these days is like scrolling to see another happen. In an independent country where we should be happy and celebrating success for coming this far, we are either regretting or laying curses for living this far.

Be that as it may, Suicide is still not the best option!

I write with grief in my heart because I know that five years past would have been the end of my living…. Yes, I once had a suicidal thought. Life sometimes gets really tough that it seemed all hope is lost, but just then came a divine intervention and a second choice to keep living.

If I Can, Then You Can!!

Some of our uncles and Immediate relations, I keep saying, are Ambassadors of Poverty, with their Anus at home and then their Heads abroad. Living in high places, riding flashy cars, and enjoying a luxurious life, yet down their roots, there are poor little children struggling to survive…. Shame on you if you are one

I once wrote an article some time ago about the life of students. If you have friends, relations, wards, or even concerned citizens who are students, please sometimes do call them on phone, make out time to check on them because some might be living in social isolation.

If you have #500 or #1000 please do give them, Life as students sometimes gets really tough and you don’t know maybe your kind gesture might save a soul..

This Issue Can Be Stopped 

Show love to that poor beggar on the streets, buy sachet water without asking for change from that pregnant woman who stands under the scorching sun trying to make life better for her unborn child.

Stop donating millions in churches, whereas your mother’s roof is leaking water. God doesn’t live in churches, He lives in the hearts of Men.

Stop employing the whites to do a job that a hardworking jobless youth can do. Lift others up by helping them reach their goals and actualize their dreams.

If you can’t help many, just help one!

Be a Humanitarian! Be a good Uncle! Be a good Ambassador.



Sniper is not the best prescription, we still have a better future… Just believe!

Keep resting in peace dear departed brethren, have a smooth journey on your way to meet your maker. Tell him everything the world did to you but plead on him to spare the lives of our Uncles, so they could watch us succeed without them. Goodbye for Now…..

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