Two Police Women Fight & Break their Heads in Owerri

Two Police Women Break their Heads in Owerri

There was commotion which led to traffic jam yesterday at Fire Service Roundabout, Wetheral, in Owerri as two young police women who were meant to command vehicles for free traffic around the area, were captured fighting seriously while on duty at the middle hours of Monday.

This fight which led to the break of each other’s head, triggered wonder and awe in the mind of road users who witnessed and lamented bitterly about their experience of such ugly act.

However, the two police women, whose identities are withheld, had little issues which led to argument, and later tantamounted to fight, and then to breaking of heads. 

In reaction to this, many poeople have suggested to have two of them expeled from the Nigerian Police Force because of such exhibition of action on duty.

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