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The rough road of life By: Nonso Amadi

The rough road of life By: Nonso Amadi

THE ROUGH ROAD OF LIFE As the morning emerges On the peak of sleep I sleep not   I look unto the sky Images I found What a journey What a fate So soon! As I thinketh   Thou draws an illusion Although like a misery The part; where is thee Life, I think of...

The Dilemma of Life: A very Captivating Poem

The Dilemma of Life: A very Captivating Poem

The Dilemma of Life What a life Why are thou tremendous Tragedy, here I beckon On a platform of hopelessness What a brotherly word What a sisterly word Don’t give up, keep on Thou knows why things happen He will not allow thee to suffer What a love in distress Son...

Hubby Out There: Must Read for Every Woman

Hubby Out There: Must Read for Every Woman

Hubby Out There! Dear Future Hubby Whoever you may be I dread at which arms now you rest And whose lips now you lock. I wonder how many you have professed love to After which same you will profess to me If neither of us finds each other, How forlorn we will grow in...

Mission of uncertainties! [A Captivating Poem]

MISSION OF UNCERTAINTIES By: Nonso Amadi - mission of uncertainties! Years comes, years passes! The early dews dances out As Night chameleons to day The brightness of the day shines So the day embraces the dark All uncertainties.   What a bright new day, The wall...

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The Kisser & the Kissee

I thought kissing is only an act of love until I witnessed the one done outside of love…

It was all bliss for over four months I got married to Francis. The kisses will not end; he kissed me in the morning, afternoon, night, and even before going to the toilet to do some long business. The lovemaking will also not cease. 

Early in the morning, he will kiss me ‘wake up, It’s morning!’ and on his hand is a breakfast of a well-prepared dish by him. He would then sit by me and feed me as a baby. Of course, I am his baby. Sometimes I think this whole pampering is maybe partly due to my pregnancy or perhaps the love he professes to me. 


I was already four months pregnant before we got married. But oh well! I will enjoy the whole scenario while it lasts! During these few heaven months of marriage, we discussed everything, we left no stone unturned in the course of our discussions. Francis told me stories from his childhood to his adulthood; he told me about his past relationship, both tasteful and sour. 

Once, he told me about girls in his college days that threw themselves at him due to his unparalleled intelligence and how he sexually used a good number of them. I thought it was funny and for all the fun of it. 


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A Lovely True Life Story Every Couple Must Read

Invest More Than You Squander I was thrilled with the special recognition at the get-together party I attended with the latest G-wagon. I practically felt over the moon, so I decided to fill in my social media page with the latest shots and videos from the party. This...

DNA Issues In Today’s Marriage

The Trend, DNA Test Contemporarily trending, there is an incessant rise in the conduction of DNA Tests in marriages and this has led to serious heartbreaks, breakups, divorces, suicide, and a lot more damages among married couples. This DNA exercise is a test that...

How To Increase Your Business And Income

Everybody wants to increase their business and generate more income, but most people do not know exactly how to do that. Never to worry, this amazing guide will assist you to know how to increase your business and Income in a few days. This is applicable to everybody...

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