Pastor Kisses Female Member During Deliverance – Full Video

Pastor Kisses Female Member 

Recently, most countries, especially in Africa, have experienced the abuse of Religion. Nowadays, anybody can rise up from his or her bed in the morning and establish his or her own church in a bid to show how he or she has been called by God to do miracles and to bring salvation to the people of God.

In some countries such as Nigeria, there are upto twenty-five thousand registered churches, not to talk about the non-registered ones. All these churches operate on their own way according to how God wants them to operate (as they always claim). 

However, the so called leaders of religion (not religious leaders) of these churches have been caught severally doing all sorts of immoral acts in the name of delivering their members from evil spirits.

In this empirical report, a pastor has been filmed kissing one of his female members before the whole congregation all in the name of delivering the young lady from the evil spirit.

Reactions from People

While many people condemned the pastor’s actions, many others blame members for being blind-folded by the evil practices of the pastor.

According to Bro. Emmanuel;

This is one of the most useless pastor I have ever experienced… He should rather be ashamed of himself..

Click Below to Watch;

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