Pastor Commits Suicide

A pastor suspected to be one of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church Pastors, has allegedly has attempted to commit suicide after some inconveniences, financial problems and other related issues arising from social integration. These reasons are incorporated in the suicide note as written by the pastor.

According to source, this suspected pastor left a note containing the ugly experiences that led him into that tremendous act.

The Suicide Note

I have been going through trauma for the past 2 years now and my financial instability has cost me a lot of shame. I have written to the regional pastor here in Abuja and some pastors to help out in my financial situation but everyone seems to be quiet about this matter. So the best thing to do is to take my life and rest in in heaven where I can find peace.

However, the issue of suicide has been a habitual activity among many Nigerians today. Most recently, Nigeria has recorded not less than hundred victims of suicide according to the epidemiology of Nigerian suicidal cases.

Many have committed suicide because of poverty, depression and bad leadership, while many others commit suicide because of high level of frustration and subjugation in life.

Suicide Victims in Nigeria

Within 74 hours

  • 38 Years Old UNN Lecturer commits Suicide
  • 400 level UNN Student Commits Suicide
  • Rape Victim Commits Suicide
  • Fresh YABATECH Graduate Commits Suicide
  • Students Commits Suicide After Failing JAMB
  • RCCG Minister Commits Suicide in Abuja

Advice to Nigerian Youths

Dear Nigerian youths, it is high time you knew that there is no reason whatsoever to justify the act of suicide among youths. It is a truism that there are many negative encounters that could make one think of ending his or her life, but it is never an option to end the problems. 

Quoting Mr. Agbajeogu Emmanuel, ‘anybody who commits suicide go be double wahala for dead body‘. 

Help One Another Today

The most minutest salutation (hi, hello, how’re you doing?) or the most little offer could make one another to debunk any idea of committing suicide. Hence, everybody is encouraged to help one another in any possible way and perform some actions that will make somebody’s heart to sing ‘you are not alone!’. 

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The Issue of Suicide Among Nigerian Youths

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