How To Start-up Your Own Business In 2021 | 7 Effective Steps

Steps To Start Up Your Own Business  Do you want to start-up your own business? Do you want to become the boss of your own? Then it's very simple. You just have to follow these 7 effective steps on how to start-up your own business and succeed within a short time. It...

How to Discover Your Talents – Advanced Methods

Discover your Hidden Talents With these 10 Advanced Methods How to Discover your Talents Ever wondered if you have talents at all? Ever wondered if you are good at anything aside from sleeping and waking, then eating? O! Well, the good news is here for you. EVERYONE...

Apology on Air – Interesting Love Story

Please Forgive me Benita! By Izunwaonu I was the man who misunderstood her intentions. She saw a Rose (flower) in my computer bag and she insisted in knowing who it is meant for. "This beautiful flower is meant for a beautiful woman right?”,  She inquired. "I am not...

10 Lovely Ways to Move on after a Breakup | Relationship/Marriage

Have you experienced a relationship/marriage challenge that led to a breakup lately? Has your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you and you break up with him/her already? Well, it's normal as relationship breakup occurs every day. But, after the breakup, what next? Many...

A Moment with A Love Doctor – Hooking-up with the right partner

Hooking-up with the Right Person In this lovely and relationship moment with a love doctor, there will be a focus on how love partners meet and hook up with the right partners of their choice.  Honestly and seriously, people should quit settling for less the people...

12 Reasons Why Most Women Are Still Single Even At 30s | Solution

Women are exquisite creatures with fragile and enchanting physiques. In most African countries, women often get married sooner than men because of many reasons. But, most women remain single even in their 30s, which is generally regarded as late marriage. Many factors...

7 Types Of Women Every Man Should Always Cherish In His Life

Every woman deserves to be cherished and pampered, but there are 7 particular types of women every man should always cherish and value in his life. These types of women are very rare, and if you get across any of them, then count yourself as a lucky man. As a man,...

10 Dangerous things you should stop doing to live healthy

Dangerous things you should stop doing! For most people (albeit all of us) it is just about living life, not taking into accounts little things which can kill us. We have compiled some things we do everyday which should have killed us long ago, were it not for God's ...

20 Lovely Facts About Ladies Every Man Should Know

These are 20 lovely facts about ladies every man should know. Enjoy this lovely one! 20 Lovely Facts About Women When a lady is angry, over half of what she says, she doesn't mean...The most difficult time for a lady is when she is away from the man she truly...

10 Beautiful Ways To Prevent Cheating In A Relationship

Cheating occurs always in almost every relationship/marriage. In fact, it is more rampant between partners in a relationship than married couples. This is because marriage comes with a lot of higher commitment than relationships. Most people have argued that men cheat...
Definition, Purpose, and the Study of Religion

Definition, Purpose, and the Study of Religion

Religious studies, also known as the study of religion, is an academic field devoted to research into religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions. It describes, compares, interprets, and explains religion, emphasizing systematic, historically based, and cross-cultural perspectives.

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METAPHYSICS: Meaning, Origin, Concepts and Relevance to the Society

METAPHYSICS: Meaning, Origin, Concepts and Relevance to the Society

Metaphysics is one of the major branches of philosophy and when most people neglect philosophy, they end up neglecting metaphysics.
Metaphysics, from its etymology, is coined from Greek words, ‘ta meta ta physika’, which means beyond physics or beyond nature.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the essence of a thing. This includes questions of being, becoming, existence, and reality. Metaphysics is of utmost importance to the society.

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