Best WordPress Custom Plugin Service on Fiverr & Samples

If you are here, then you probably have a valued business, brand, or company, and a website for its operation. And, you may probably want all the services you render, including some complex, custom, and unique features, to be customized in your website for a smart...

8 Important Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married & Examples

Marriage is a beautiful thing when the necessary factors are put into consideration before tying the knot with your partner. Everybody craves to be happily married to their soulmates, but most marriages end up with pain and regrets simply because only a few people are...

10 Dangerous things you should stop doing to live healthy

Dangerous things you should stop doing! For most people (albeit all of us) it is just about living life, not taking into accounts little things which can kill us. We have compiled some things we do everyday which should have killed us long ago, were it not for God's ...

Man Beats Pregnant Girlfriend to Death, Buries Her in His Bedroom in Rivers

Man Beats Pregnant Girlfriend Man Beats His Girlfriend and Buries Her in His Bedroom in Rumuepirikom, Port-Harcourt, River States. About the Duo A man who is simply identified as Prince Owabie has allegedly beaten his girlfriend mercilessly until she died. He went...

Nicki Minaj Puts Man to Lap Dance and Invite his Girlfriend

Nicki Minaj Puts Man to Lap Dance U.S popular female hip hop superstar, Nicki Minaj, has given Manu Myer a hot lap dance in the presence of his girlfriend on a Music stage. - Nicki Minaj puts man to lap dance - Nicki pulled Manu Myer up to the stage for a special and...

10 Lovely Ways to Move on after a Breakup | Relationship/Marriage

Easy Ways to Move on after a Breakup Have you experienced a relationship/marriage challenge that led to a breakup lately? Has your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you and you break up with him/her already? Well, it's normal as relationship breakup occurs every day....

Introduction to Guitar For Beginners

Introduction to GUITAR for Beginners Do you want to be a Guitarist? Of course, almost everybody does. This is because Guitar is one of the sweetest musical instruments to play and have fun with. But, unfortunately, it is one of the hardest musical instruments to Learn...

How to Activate Google Adsense After Suspension

How to activate Google Adsense After Suspension Have you been suspended by Google Adsense for 30 days as a result of one policy violation or another? Never worry. There is a way out. - How to activate Google Adsense after suspension - In this great tutorial, I will...

Having A High Sex Drive? Fix it with these Effective Remedies

Fixing a High Sex Drive - Suggestive Remedies  It is very normal to have a sex drive, but when it is very high, there seems to be a problem. Have you wondered why you have a high sex drive just sometimes? Do you think it is abnormal? Well, just relax, in this amazing...

12 Reasons Why Most Women Are Still Single Even At 30’s | Solution

Women are very beautiful creatures with a fragile and enchanting physique. In most African countries, women often get married sooner than the men because of many reasons. But, at the same time, most women remain single even in their 30's, which is generally regarded...
3 Best CV Builders in 2021 | Free and Paid Features

3 Best CV Builders in 2021 | Free and Paid Features

Your CV/Resume is the most essential document for interviews. It contains detailed information about you, and so, it has a lot to say about you. And, in order to create a fantastic CV/Resume, it's recommended to use a CV/Resume Builder. The builder helps to guide you...

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Definition, Purpose, and the Study of Religion

Definition, Purpose, and the Study of Religion

Religious studies, also known as the study of religion, is an academic field devoted to research into religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions. It describes, compares, interprets, and explains religion, emphasizing systematic, historically based, and cross-cultural perspectives.

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METAPHYSICS: Meaning, Origin, Concepts and Relevance to the Society

METAPHYSICS: Meaning, Origin, Concepts and Relevance to the Society

Metaphysics is one of the major branches of philosophy and when most people neglect philosophy, they end up neglecting metaphysics.
Metaphysics, from its etymology, is coined from Greek words, ‘ta meta ta physika’, which means beyond physics or beyond nature.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the essence of a thing. This includes questions of being, becoming, existence, and reality. Metaphysics is of utmost importance to the society.

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I Was Asked To Sit by the Corner But I Never Gave Up

YOU HAVE NO REASON TO GIVE UP In this photo was George Mclaurin, the first black man admitted to the University of Oklahoma in 1948, was forced to sit in the corner far from his white classmates. - never give up - But his name remains on the honor roll as one of the...

How to Discover Your Talents – Advanced Methods

Discover your Hidden Talents With these 10 Advanced Methods How to Discover your Talents Ever wondered if you have talents at all? Ever wondered if you are good at anything aside from sleeping and waking, then eating? O! Well, the good news is here for you. EVERYONE...

The Effect of Neocolonialism on Africa: Nigeria as a Case Study

What better word portrays the act of the leaders of the country, Nigeria? Several studies on the theme of neocolonialism have been conducted and are still going on to examine the impact of neocolonialism on developing countries in Africa as the case may be. Also, we...

The Importance & Role of Statistics in Business

Growing a business without the use of statistics is virtually impossible. Many business enterprises are on the verge of collapse due to the absence of statistical analysis in measuring business performances. This detailed article explains, in detail, the relevance,...

Suicide And Its Rampant Practice In Nigeria

Suicide amongst youths and young adults has been on the increase. In Nigeria where taking one’s life is seen as a taboo and curse, the option to snuff the life out oneself is becoming a worrisome trend, especially with reoccurring cases cut across students in tertiary...

Kisser and the Kissee – Love Story: Episode 1

The Kisser & the Kissee Episode One: I thought kissing is only an act of love until I witnessed the one done outside of love... - kisser & the kissee- It was all bliss for over four months I got married to Francis. The kisses will not end; he kissed me in the...

METAPHYSICS: Meaning, Origin, Concepts and Relevance to the Society

This philosophical article extensively discusses the meaning and concept of Metaphysics, examines its philosophical foundation, digests the metaphysical thoughts in the different periods of philosophy, and most importantly exposes its relevance and importance in the...

5 Major Differences Between Yahoo and Yahoo Plus (+) | Updated

What is Yahoo Business? Yahoo Business is an advanced internet-based business where workers meet with online clients, apply some formats to them, and they agree to do some transactions according to the nature of the job. The Yahoo business is more rampant in Nigeria...

10 Beautiful Ways To Prevent Cheating In A Relationship

Cheating in Relationship/Marriage Cheating occurs always in almost every relationship/marriage. In fact, it is more rampant between partners in a relationship than married couples. This is because marriage comes with a lot of higher commitment than relationships. Most...

The Educational Implication of the Study of Ethics in Philosophy

Philosophical Ethics: Educational Implication In every philosophical quest, there must be a raw material to be rationalized, and in ethics the material is action. At present, ethics has an important place in all areas of life. Education is also a fundamental process...

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