Okigwe Senatorial Zone & Hon. Ndubueze Patrick C.

It is 36 days to the Election and the people of Okigwe zone is yet to see or hear what the man they sent to the red chambers has done for them via constituency project and the promise of bringing Federal presence. Hon. Patrick Ndubueze

All they have manufactured is fake senatorial ranking in south East which have appeared to be lie of the century according to the researches made.

Now one may ask “is the fake news on ranking necessary?” Did the people send him to attract project or to manufacture fake ranking? Will fake ranking bring development to the dilapidated Zone? The answer is likely to be “No.”

According to an account;

February 16, is sacrosanct to Okigwe Zone as it is a time when Okigwe Zone decides to get FRESH AIR with HON. PATRICK NDUBUEZE in the Zone or still stay with people who manufacture fake ranking and have nothing else to offer but to answer Senator with constituency project on paper with nothing on ground.

The deceit and hoodwink of the Enemy of NDI OKIGWE is becoming alarming one may go to the way of Falze in the song BOOSIT

The Interesting Song Says;

“You wear your coat and your tie too
You say you want to swear a oat you’ll abide to (ahn)
You wear agbada with a sharp shoe, then u manufacture
qualification and title (distinguish, fake ranking)
And you say you gat a plan for NDIOKIGWE
Me o kolo, you can’t colonise us

You tell the people that you’re really having plans
Stomach infrastructure, poverty neutralizing
It’s so clear, it’s black board and white chalk
Doesn’t take a Einstein to know that it’s plan work
But you think we are dumb and we can’t talk.
You’re treating Ndi OKIGWE like livestock

Climb up and chop money is your blueprint
It’s like you take US for a bush meat
All your lyric and your gimmicks will not fool us
Wo We only gave you a chance we are not stupid
Oga your mouth is too sweet, who are you deceive
Who do you kid

It’s like you take US for a dons or a stupid
Look, we have  had enough of your boosit
Don’t tell us boosit, don’t call us bush meat
Eran ko is a hanimal that don’t have sense
we are  human beings you can’t dispute it
If you cannot give us something, then don’t tell us
Eran ko is a hanimal that don’t have sense,
we are human beings you can’t dispute it oh
Don’t teach us nonsense, don’t teach us nonsense

if you have to be talking
You must try to make sense.”

In an interview with one of the prominent unbiased person from the Zone who  gave many interesting attributes to Hon. Patrick Ndubueze C.; 

Ndi OKIGWE (the people of Okigwe zone) have decided to move with HON. PATRICK NDUBUEZE C. For SENATE OKIGWE ZONE. The man that is always making sense, an astute leader with absolute Honesty (who do not manufacture fake ranking) A man who is Focused, a man who is Passionate, a man who Respects his people. A man with Confidence. A man with Excellent PersuasionAbilities.

A man who have maintained Clarity. A man who shows Care for his people. A man who is Compassion. A man with Vision and Actions. A man who is ready to Engage the people of the zone with positivity.  A man with sense of Humility.

A man who is ever ready to Empower his people. A man who will be Collaborative in the development of the zone (ready to solicit input and feedback from Ndiokigwe thereby carrying us along).

He continued by encouraging and urging everybody in Okigwe Zone to do well and vote for Hon. Patrick Ndubueze for Senate, Okigwe Zone.


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