MUST READ: Doctor, An Apple And A Slay Queen

Doctor’s Tweet That Set The Internet On Fire

A medical doctor defied the ethics of his profession by going on Twitter to shame a pregnant Slay Queen in labour after she lied about the food she consumed earlier that day. A medical Doctor who shames a lady-

Dr Abel C Obetta said the “slay queen” claimed she had eaten only apples all day but when she began pushing and excreta came out, it smelt “like fio fio not apple.”


But social media users didn’t share in his joke and they called him out for shaming his patient. Some pointed out to him that the fact that the woman’s fecal matter didn’t smell of apples doesn’t mean she lied because poo doesn’t always smell like the food eaten.

They told him that as a doctor, he should know this.

He eventually apologized and said he was only trying to make a joke, but some Twitter users refused to accept his apology.

They insisted that his post was no joke and was obviously aimed at ridiculing the woman.

See some of the reactions below.

And tell us what you think:


Very funny though, but his not supposed to bring it here because its confidential


Thinks he lacks little knowledge because how can he expect that the lady excretion should smell like an Apple and the worst part saying something not nice about his patient on social media


This is non ethical , the doctor not have tried such joke in the first instanve


Why would a doctor say such in the first place


Why must she lie about ordinary food knowing she is going in for labour, omashe ooo


He is not a professional


This is not funny as a professional the NMA should either sanction him or call him to order. His patient history should be confidential

Joel Augustine i

There are some things not to be discuss on social media


What kind of doctor is this? He is so disrespectful. Making jokes indeed


Yeah. Its not funny. He should be queried. Nonsense


Very stupid doctor, he should be penalized for this


Joke with human beings health? That doctor needs flogging.


What nonsense is this, you don’t have the right to say this

david makanjuola

if he didn’t do it out of mischief,even though his patient has a right to her privacy.the world needs to know the truth


This is real shit, why will he say so


That’s sound stupid, how will he joke with something like that


it could be true that the woman lied but the doctor should’t have made public.


I believe their medical ethics…what he did is totally wrong..your patients secret just be burried inside the hospital u attended to her and not to be taken outside…

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16 thoughts on “MUST READ: Doctor, An Apple And A Slay Queen

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