By: Nonso Amadi – mission of uncertainties!

Years comes, years passes!

The early dews dances out

As Night chameleons to day

The brightness of the day shines

So the day embraces the dark

All uncertainties.


What a bright new day,

The wall clock where is thy patience?

As it rotates its four cardinal points

North to south, East to west!

Showing its hatred for mankind;

It waits for no one!


As the cock crawls!

The prospect man in pursuit of survival.

A taxi driver calls on his passengers,

Bestir bestir!

All a struggles towards uncertainties.


With it’s meditative movement

It goes Anti-clockwise

Is thou with a mission?

Thou a mission to nowhere!


As nature moves,

We rile here and after

We think, we jungle!

All to dance, a dance in lyrics

To embellish the harmony..;

In a nearby future,

The future uncertain!


The land tortoise as it keeps calm thinking,

In an enclosure neither to go or keep still;

It stays fixed at a place,

The claimed beings woos its foolishness

To the unwise being!

All our own faults!

Its quietness, a quietness of mystery,

A mystery of the universe!


A universe of beings.

The beings with their mission

Their mission of uncertainties!

Mission of Uncertainties

About The Poet:

Nonsoamadi is a prolific writer and a renowned Human Rights Activist. His quest and passion for writing has made him a figure in the Literary field and otherwise.

Because of his wondrous contributions in the field of literature he has served as an Editor of the following magazines; Paragon magazine, Thinker magazine, Newlife magazine and lumen magazine. He is the Visual Editor and Admin @ https://www.machinep.blogspot.com



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