Man Runs Mad After Stealing Money From A Native Doctor

A man from South Africa regrets ever stealing in his life as he suffers terribly. It happened that he has been pick-pocketing and stealing normally, and he has been going Scot-free until he stole money belonging to a native doctor right from the native doctor’s bag.

This latest mad man who is 49 years old was identified as Pule Motshabi. According to him, the money was stolen from the bag of a native doctor eight years ago and he is been punished by the ancestors for the theft act.

Severally, he has been observed walking to and fro in the streets of Turflaagte Kasi in Free State, South Africa without wearing any clothes. He expressed how he has desired to pay back the money he stole so as to be free from the punishment melted on him..


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“In his words; I have searched for him thoroughly everywhere. I am a mad man. I sometimes walk down the street naked and only discover later that I have no clothes on” “I really need to ask for forgiveness and pay the native doctor back his money”.

His utmost fear is he doesn’t know if the native doctor has died. Consequently he will spend the rest of his life suffering the punishment by the ancestors.

However, in the course of taking him to other native doctors for solutions by one of his nephews, a native doctor identified as Rakouana Mamoya gave a solution..

He said ” If the native doctor has died, the man must search for his family to pay back the money he has stolen from him. Then plead with the family to ask the ancestors to have mercy on him and forgive him.” He added that there is no other native doctor that can help his situation, only the ancestors can..

You may be asking how he revealed all these considering his present situation? Yes, some mad people sometimes reveal what they have passed through, some even see visions.


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