Man Pours Acid to Wife, Commits Suicide Because of ….

Man Pours Acid to Wife, Commits Suicide

A Nigerian man has created an uproar by committing suicide after pouring acid to his wife for erected a building without his concern. – Man pours acid to wife, commits suicide thereafter.

This ugly incident occurred two days ago in Nsugbe, Anambra State, Nigeria. 

The man, after he notices that the wife has been saving money and also building a house with the money without the husband’s concern, he allegedly poured acid on his wife and drank the remaining acid and died.

According to the neighbors, who followed the cause of the incident;

The wife, who is a nurse, built a house for herself and went ahead to name their son as the next of kin of the house.

When the husband realized, he took action- He attacked wife with a concentrated acid and took the remaining one and died.

The couple was rushed to the nearby hospital immediately for treatment.. The wife is still receiving treatment in the hospital while the husband died the next morning after the incident.

Reactions from People;

Many people have reacted on this incident; While some blamed the man continuously, many others blame the both. 

According to one of the resident of that area, Mr. Godwin, the man has just made the biggest mistake of his life. He added that the couple must have had serious issues before now.. There is a need to trace back their previous life if at all further investigations should be made.  

Many others, who observed the incident, lamented that couple has not being living in peace. While blaming the man, they pitied the wife who is still alive with a lot of injuries sustained from the acid incident.


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