Man Got Stuck in Woman 

A man of about 35 years old and a married woman have go stuck together as they were engaging in sexual relationship. -Man Got Stuck in Woman.

The man who pleaded to remain anonymous, and the woman agreed to engage in a sexual relation in a secret room and they got stuck in each other as they were still in the act.

This particular scenario took place in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos  State Nigeria.

This scenario has not only exposed them but appears to be a difficult one to solve. The Duo have pleaded to seek advice and solution from people who can proffer solution to their problem.

To many, the husband of the woman felt that the woman cheats on him and decided to use charm on the woman in order to confirm if she is really cheating on him or not. The same to the side of the man. They are highly unlucky with this.

Others have advised that everybody, whether in Lagos or any place in Nigeria, should avoid following or having sexual relationship with both married women and married men. The Bible and Nature is against it.

Though they were carried to hospital but they were advised to consult pastors or herbalists because of the abnormal nature of the whole situation. 


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