Man Beats Pregnant Girlfriend

Man Beats His Girlfriend and Buries Her in His Bedroom in Rumuepirikom, Port-Harcourt, River States.

About the Duo

A man who is simply identified as Prince Owabie has allegedly beaten his girlfriend mercilessly until she died. He went ahead and dig a grave in his bedroom and bury her.

The girlfriend, Betha Ogbede, who is now dead, has been relating with him for long as a girlfriend. Their relationship has lasted though no empirical progress was recorded.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend has been living with him in the same house for long even when they are not yet married.

The Heart of the Incident

One of our Correspondents reported that the man, Owabie Prince, has been beating the girl for long whenever they engage in a little or big quarrel. 

Machinep gathered that the decease is some weeks pregnant before she met her death. 

On Sunday this week, there was a little argument between two of them. The argument became strong and then resulted to exchange of blows. In the course of exchanging blows, the man hit her to death. According to the cousin of the girlfriend, she only went to her boyfriend’s place that particular Sunday to pick her clothes and other belongings.

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This entails that there has been an earlier strong argument between the duo.

The Aftermath of the Fight

Upon seeing that the girl has died, Prince Owabie, the boyfriend, decided to dig a grave right inside his bedroom and bury his girlfriend there.

Researches have it that he did that in order to end the matter so that he will not face any consequences.

How He was Caught

The deceased had earlier called her sister when they were still fighting, crying and complaining to her that her boyfriends wants to kill her. Though the sister didn’t react immediately. However, when she failed to return home that day and the next day, they started investigating and searching for her.

During the investigation, the suspect who happens to be the boyfriend was critically interrogated about the whereabouts of the girlfriend. He continued to stammer and deny the act.

“I don’t know her whereabouts”, He murmured.

Though he admitted that she came to his house, but he added that she left after then and he hasn’t communicated with her since then.

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However, the family members, especially the sister, were not satisfied with his answer and calculated a ploy to use. 

At the early hours of yesterday, they (the family members) invaded the house of Owabie, and found out a shallow grave in his bedroom.Then after a more serious and critical questions and torturing, he confessed that he buried the deceased in his room.

The case was immediately reported to the Rivers State Police, and they arrested the Man right away. 
Right now he is in the police custody.

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