Computers can misbehave at any time, but that’s normal. Just like humans, computers can get sick too. So, if you have encountered a keyboard malfunctioning issue on your Windows 10, then do not worry as I will assist you to fix that right there on your computer desk, without spending any dime. This method works magically as you would attest in less than 2 minutes.

Keep in mind that this method below will hard reset the system settings and it doesn’t affect anything on your computer. So, you have nothing to fear about. Also, it will fix some other minor issues that you are not aware of. Let’s get into this.

Effective Steps To Fix Your Keyboard on Windows 10

Step 1 Turn off your laptop

Simply shutdown your computer as usual.

Unplug the AC power if plugged

If your laptop is plugged, then unplug it from the power before going to the next step.

Press and Hold the Power Button for more than 60 Seconds

Gentle press and hold the power button of your laptop and hold it for more up to 80seconds, and then release the finger.

Start the Laptop as Usual

Simple turn on your laptop and you will testify the magic.

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It is important to note that this works more effectively when the keyboard of your windows 10 laptop just stops working all of a sudden. This is an ordinary issue and not a hardware issue. However, if your laptop falls on the floor or is affected by any external force, then you may have to see a technician for repair or replacement.

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