Introduction to Graphics Designing/Photoshop


Graphics designing is simply a type of Designs that allows you to create, style, beautify, and manipulate any picture, text, among others. These can be done using one software or the other; many use Photoshop while some use CorelDraw, some others use many other softwares of their choice. The main aim is arriving at mouth watering designs.

Meanwhile, I will be relying mostly on PHOTOSHOP as it is one of the best softwares you can think of using as far as Graphics designing is involved. I will be doing many tutorials here for free such as ‘How To Design A Simple Logo For A Website’ Using Photoshop.

In your thought right now, I should have captioned this ‘Introduction to Photoshop’ instead of ‘Introduction to Graphics Designing’. Do not worry, I wanted a broad caption. Let’s now introduce our companion ‘Photoshop’.




You may be wowed with beautiful designs you see every day and keep wondering how the designer did it, and wishes to do it as well. Then do not worry, just keep in touch with us here, you will learn everything step by step using Photoshop.

Many would literally see Photoshop (as indicated by the name) as a software used only in working and editing of photos. Hell no, there are many enticing features behind the name ‘Photoshop’ which I will be showing you one after the other as far as you continue to stay with us.

Photoshop may be old (though not as old as CorelDraw), but the company that owns it (Adobe) keeps on bringing out newer versions with more amazing features. Because Photoshop and CorelDraw are very common, you may like to know the major differences between Photoshop and CorelDraw, It is very simple, they are very different.

A Simple Logo Design by











CorelDraw and Photoshop are the software used for completely different tasks. Although they are part of the same software category – graphics editors, but they process images of different types: Adobe Photoshop is a raster images editor, CorelDraw is a vector images editor. Adobe’s equivalent to CorelDraw is called Adobe Illustrator, which is also a vector image editor.

Possibly, you may be worried about the various versions of Photoshop. You may ask ‘do I need to compile all of them to get what I want?’ Do I need to use Cs4, Cs5, Cs6 or other versions? You will get to know the answers here.

Now, Photoshop has many versions, it ranged from the earliest version (0.87) to the latest version (CC 2018 [19.1.6]). There are many others that existed between these two versions.

Meanwhile, many mainly use Cs5, Cs6, and CC because they are the most common versions with great tools for designing.


Photoshop provides great tools to do any design of your choice; such as move tool, Shape tool, Brush Tool, Gradient tool, Blur tool, Pen tool and many other tools. I will be showing you how to use the major tools in Photoshop in the next tutorial.  Photoshop has also many functions and patterns. Call to mind that many of the tools requires you to download its proprieties for complex workability just like the brush tool and the shape tool.


This is just an Introduction to Graphics Designing/Photoshop. I hope this is helpful to you. Do well to ask any question using the comment box for clarifications, Thanks.

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