OPPROBRIUM; by Ahaneku .N. Portable

It’s Nigeria’s INDEPENDENCE day!

Though dependently independent we lay
Since 1960 we haven’t seen the sun’s ray
And the poor haven’t their say
But the rich have doubled their pay

Today we’ve emblazoned Nigeria on our streets,
On our flags, our clothes, our hats
But not in our hearts
Our tears Flood the Niger
Seeing a country of high and might
Of Odyssey’s and promises

Mired by miscreants and corruption
Weakened like Chad in strength
Diminishing as the valorous in sickness
It embitters our

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And murders our
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Seeing we are myopic in thinking
Without visions, without missions
Except evil passions
Had America and Japan not survived oppressions

Disentangle from the
Shackles of colonialism
Emerge a new!

Happy 58th anniversary to Great NIGERIA!!! 


  • About the Poet;
  • Ahaneku Nkeiruka Portable Priscillia is a Nigerian Young Lady who hails from Isu Nwangele LGA of Imos State.
  • She was born on 24th September 1998 and She is currently a certified graduate from the Department of Philosophy, Imo State University, Owerri.
  • Portable loves reading, writing, singing, arguing, and she prefers fairness and justice.
  • She is highly creative and artistic.
  • She dislikes mediocrity and injustice.

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