Hubby Out There!

Dear Future Hubby

Whoever you may be

I dread at which arms now you rest

And whose lips now you lock.

I wonder how many you have professed love to

After which same you will profess to me

If neither of us finds each other,

How forlorn we will grow in the embrace of the wrong one

For I am your missing rib

Dear Future Hubby,

Quit being a busy bee on a honeyless flower

Engage in something worthwhile

Be it tailoring or any other and fast slip a ring in my ring finger

Water the ground for my coming

I have long from cradle prepared for your coming.

I have been taught to keep clean, to keep home, to keep you.

I have also been taught

To close my Legs for another and open just for you.

Dear Future Hubby;

I am rose but I fear greatly that if you don’t hasten your coming,

Or come as the Christ would come,

I might wither and fade

My ballooned chest will a deflated tyre become

My waist everyone adored, everyone, will overlook

My Rapunzel hair will return a skin’s hair

An old hag I will become

And my father’s wife I will remain

Oh! Dear Future Hubby out there;

Come now the morning dew rests on our skin

As a youth lets play love

Devouring ourselves in the most romantic of ways

Let’s play the love of today

And not tomorrow still play the love of today

Lets at a slow pace take it

Just as the slow sipping of a tasty wine

Hasten your coming

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ahaneku nkeiruka
  • Ahaneku Nkeiruka Portable Priscilla is a Nigerian Young Lady who hails from Isu Nwangele LGA of Imo State, Nigeria.
  • She was born on 24th September 1998 and She is currently a young graduate from the Department of Philosophy, Imo State University, Owerri.
  • Portable loves reading, writing, singing, arguing, and she prefers fairness and justice.
  • Miss Portable is highly creative, skilful and artistic.
  • She is an Editor at
  • She dislikes mediocrity and injustice.

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Hubby Out There Dear Future Hubby Whoever you may be I dread at which arms now you rest And whose lips now you lock I wonder how many you have

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