If you are running different Fiverr accounts, and intend to use Payoneer as a payment method, then you would run into difficulties that becloud the use of more than one Payoneer account for different Fiverr accounts.

This issue arises because Fiverr does not allow one person to operate more than one Fiverr account. In the same way, Payoneer does not allow one person to operate more than one Payoneer account. In fact, this is the major reason why Fiverr among many other reputable companies has trusted Payoneer and even goes to the extent of using it as a major payment method.

Apparently, many freelancers over the globe choose to run more than one Fiverr account for more revenue and also as a backup in case any of the original ones crash. This sounds more like a good reason, but Fiverr does not tolerate that, and if any culprit is found, his/her account is blocked right away.

Nevertheless, thousands of freelancers run even more than 2 accounts safely through some more secured ways. But, it is always difficult to attach a payment method for withdrawal of Fiverr funds because their original Payoneer account has been attached to one Fiverr account or the other. This is the problem, and there is one major solution to this.

Having understood that, let’s dive into the solution on how to use one Payoneer account to operate up to 3 different Fiverr Accounts. Keep in mind that this solution works perfectly with 100% verified results.

How to use one Payoneer Account to run more than one Fiverr Account

Change of Email

This is simply the process of changing the original email on your Payoneer account. As you should know, when you want to attach your Payoneer account to Fiverr, Fiverr only requires the email address and password to your Payoneer account, and if it is correct, the Payoneer account is attached to the Fiverr account.

And this is what happens, Fiverr seems to store the email and password attached to their database as well as access if it is correct with the collaboration with Payoneer.

So, the email on the Payoneer is changed to a new one, you can then use the new email and password to attach the same Payoneer to another Fiverr account and Fiverr will seem to treat it as a new account from Payoneer.

However, some people have complained that changing the Payoneer email does not change the numerical ID, so they ask if Fiverr will figure it out along the process. The answer is no! Fiverr does not have access to your Payoneer ID, they only ensure that you are attaching a valid Payoneer account to your Fiverr account.

Keep in mind that this method is only advisable to be applied in less than 3 different Fiverr accounts.

Something More

If you want a safer method of attaching your payment method to another Fiverr Account, then picture PayPal. PayPal is one of the valid payment methods acceptable by Fiver. The good thing is that you can open more than one PayPal account, but a lot of Freelancers have queried if Fiverr can figure out their name through the new payment method system.

I will save you a lot of time from searching further. Fiverr does not restrict a user because he/she submitted a payment method that bears the name with another payment method attached to another Fiverr Account. This is because two or more people can bear the same full name.

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