Lover’s Day Celebration 

Love and affection are innate in man and this is one of the reasons why love is very essential among humans in the entire universe. In fact, in order to live a healthy life, one should show love to his or her partner from time to time.

The day, 14th of February has been, remarkably, observed as the day all lovers, couples, and even crushers show love to each other whether in a relationship or in a marriage. 


This doesn’t entail that couples and lovers should not show love to each other on the other days. But, this day is solely special.

What you should Do on a Lover’s Day

Funny enough, many guys and babes are not observing the activity of the lover’s day because of some reasons best known to them. Some do not observe the lover’s day because they do not have anybody to hang out with. while some others, especially the guys, do not observe it because they do not have a lot of money to spend on their women. 

Happy Valentine's Day, Machinep Graphics
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Happy Valentine’s Day, Machinep Graphics

But interestingly, Lover’s day is not meant for only the man to show love or spend on the woman; both partners should show love to each other and also reciprocate the love.

So, babe, if you find out that your man is not capable at this time, kindly do something -spoil him for some while (not on the bed actually) – Spend a little with him.

Again, it is a great moment you think and discuss deeply the level your relationship, friendship, and marriage has gone. It’s a moment of relationship, marriage reconciliation. It is a moment you evaluate whether you are progressing with your partner.

After this evaluation, the lovers are excepted to outline the weaknesses and strengths of the relationship or marriage, work on the weaknesses, and work with the strength.

On this valentine’s day, the lovers should re-unite themselves, profess their love again to their partners. And, most importantly, there is a need to rebuild the love and nourish it with care, attention, affection, sincerity, transparency, and respect for one another.

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How to Show Love to Your Partner On Lover’s Day

On a lover’s day, you are expected to show some unique and special love and appreciation to your lovers and partners after which they will also reciprocate the love shown. Some people may ask ‘How do I show Love to my partner’? Well, there are many ways you can do that. Do Romantic things with your partner. 

If you don’t know what to do, buy gifts for your partner – It could be a Necklace, Perfume, Shoes, Clothes, and even his or her favorite fruits. (It must not be a very expensive gift). Though many ladies do not desire flowers again, but it is also romantic to present. But there is a need to know what your girl/man desires a lot.


Hang out with your partner and have fun under the umbrella in an open restaurant. If it is possible, do well to visit the orphanage or the motherless baby’s care for an extension of love in relation to the less-privileged. 

LADIES BEWARE! Many guys may mislead you and then make your belly come out within a few days after Valentine’s Day. Babes, be alert, and use your brain. If you must do some homework, consider some ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Do not think of abortion.

#One Woman is Enough

#One Man is Enough

Valentine’s Day Wishes To You!

In a bid to celebrate this great ‘Lovers Day’ with you, we are glad to express our unlimited love to you out there for your patronage and supports. You are our Val today.

May this valentine’s day bring forth greater love and happiness to the True Lovers, Families, and Friends, and love-partners out there. 

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