Self-confidence is an intrinsic quality everybody wants to have. It’s a psychological virtue that boosts your relationship and association with people 65% higher than normal. So, to become very successful in life, self-confidence is a sine qua non in everyday life, especially in your career. Everybody intends to build self-confidence, get rid of stage-fright, failure, and other negative attitudes from lack of confidence. But, it’s always challenging to know the best and most effective ways to build their self-confidence. And, if you want to know how, this amazing article shows the best and most effective ways to build your self-confidence seamlessly within a week.

You would probably see some celebrities, beauty pageants and models, motivational speakers, and many other public speakers and figures displaying on the stage with a high level of confidence. You may admire them and imagine yourself sharing their quality of self-confidence. Yes! You too can be self-confident if you follow this guide carefully.

Many students, even brighter ones, encounter the problems that come with stage fright (lack of self-confidence), especially in the university. Most of them do not know what to do. In fact, most students do not even know how they can control this or rather get rid of it. Sadly, some intelligent students shiver on the presentation ground not because they don’t know what to present, but because they lack the virtue of self-confidence.

However, some people naturally have self-confidence. But the most important thing is that self-confidence can also be built, developed, enhanced, and boosted. So, even if your self-confidence is at zero levels, it can skyrocket to 100%. So, the questions are; ‘How do I become self-confident?’ ‘How do I overcome stage fright?’ ‘Can I talk in public without shivering?’ ‘How do I defend my project without shaking on the stage?’ ‘How do I walk to the interview room with confidence?’ These and many related questions and issues will be answered and resolved as you continue to read this article.

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These are the eight best ways to build your self-confidence

8 Effective Ways To Build Your Self-Confidence

  1. Be yourself/Self Love
  2. Watch and Read Motivational Talks and Show
  3. Regularly say “I’m powerful, I’m beautiful, I’m strong, I can make it”
  4. Surround yourself with positive friends and associations
  5. Dress beautifully
  6. Move out confidently
  7. Start speaking in public
  8. Always put up a smiling face

These are the eight practical and easier ways to build your self-confidence in one week. Yes! You can achieve Self-Confidence in One Week. You can conquer Stage Fright in just one week of practicing these ideas below.

1. Be Yourself/Self Love

One of the best ways to build your self-confidence is to BE YOURSELF. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. You do this first before people reciprocate. Now, when people love you for who you are, you become comfortable in your own skin.

Therefore, self-confidence comes from within and not without. It proceeds from internal to external. There is a need for the inside to be built well to be radiated from the outside. People can easily perceive and spot fakeness from afar no matter how you try to cover it. Not being real is not a lasting way to achieve self-confidence. It will only lead and then bow out. It is temporary. However, being true is permanent.

So, to be self-confident, it’s a good habit to start the foundation with yourself. Call to mind that the way you present yourself is the way others take you. The irony of the whole thing is, the moment you think or feel shy and less confident, people easily notice it. But if you take it upon yourself, you can present yourself as full of self-confidence. Be courageous and do not allow any negative influence. Believe in yourself, and you don’t owe anybody any apology for that.

2. Watch and Read Motivational Talks and Show

Motivational talks and books are full of encouragement and inspiration. They build your self-confidence without your permission. They tell you things you can do and achieve. So grab and feed your mind each day with loads of them.

Years ago, in the early hours of my college year, I was both shy, coy, timid, scared, and with zero confidence, but when I grabbed and fed myself with Motivational books, talks, and shows, I was transformed. There and then, I became even an orator. Uh! I think I’m motivating you right now!

You never can tell. Motivational speakers even give you stories of themselves and others of how they made it. So, embrace them and fill your mind with positivism. Some motivational speakers indeed get the wrong end of the stick, but your duty should be to grab any relevant idea from them and build yourself.

3. Regularly Say ‘I am Powerful, I am Beautiful, I am Strong, I can do it’

Now, these are four magical statements that have a way of working wonders in building your self-confidence. Say them constantly and regularly, especially when you feel less confident. They have a way of jerking you up to confidence. They breathe positivism. Have you seen a movie titled “Girls Trip”? Recall, Ryan Pierre repeats those exact words whenever she feels down, and this works magically.

To conquer stage fright and build your self-confidence, you need to be optimistic always rather than pessimistic. Say, I can do it. Do not have any feelings of inabilities. Please pay attention to this; whenever you want to achieve something, do not think of the challenges that will come and allow them to pull you down, rather think of the challenges and figure out the best ways to overcome them. People who are determined don’t run away from challenges. So friend, do not run away from challenges.

4. Surround Yourself With Positive Friends and Associations

Fiends and associations or companies have a way of influencing someone, either positively or negatively. So, it is highly recommended that you surround yourself with positive friends, associations, groups, companies, etc., to grow positively.

Therefore, do not surround yourself with dullards and good-for-nothing people. People who always say, “I dare not try to do that” or “I bet I cannot do that.”. Do not surround yourself with people who talk negatively.

Perhaps you want to try a debating competition in your school, and they say, ‘Have you forgotten you have stage fright?’ Or ‘Surely, you will not win.’ Distant or rather flee from such people. They will augment the problem. They will make you believe you cannot do it.

But, if you surround yourself with positive and colleagues, you’ll end up learning a lot from them to be more optimistic and realizing that you can achieve more by being confident.

5. Dress Beautifully

Surely, people address you the way you dress – so says an adage. And when they address you positively, your confidence boosts. So dressing elegantly is an easy way of building your self-confidence.

You will feel special and on top of the world. Supposing you dress in such a nice party outfit for a party event, you perhaps start feeling you are Rihanna or Beyonce. Dressing improves your psychological fitness. And remember, self-confidence and stage fright are mind-related; they work with the mind and are psychological in nature.

Ensure also, for the ladies, that you wear the right makeup. Figure out what actually fits you and put it on.

6. Move Out With Confidence

This is another crucial element for building your self-confidence. The trick is this, the more outings you go, the more experience you get. The more experience you get, the more you find out your strengths and weaknesses and flaws and then work on yourself. So, don’t always be a ‘couch potato’ all the time.

The more you work on yourself, the more you improve, and the more you improve, the better you become self-confident. So don’t freak out. Just move out, get social, meet with and interact with people. The more love, admiration, and praises you receive, the better you become.

7. Start Speaking in Public Confidently

You can hardly get rid of stage fright without talking in public frequently. In fact, self-confidence requires a certain level of regular public speeches. But, unfortunately, most people who suffer from the lack of confidence to speak are always people who do not speak in public. Most of them think they cannot talk in public just because they are afraid of making a mistake or afraid of the fright that comes up on the stage.

However, if you speak in public regularly, even though you make mistakes at the earlier stages, you gradually become self-confident and shy away from the bondage of stage fright.

8. Always Put up a Smiling Face

You may wonder how ‘smiling’ can help you to achieve self-confidence. Oh Yes! Smiling does an outstanding and psychological job, as always. So what happens when you put on a smiling face? Simply, it shows that you are relaxed and you are friendly.

Have you asked why contestants in the beauty pageant smile throughout? Do you know that ‘Smiling’ relieves the mind? Yes, smiling comes naturally, but sometimes, you need to make smiling your second nature, especially when needed.

In fact, smiling grounds you in public and is an essential tool to connect with people. One thing that causes stage fright and lack of confidence is Shyness. Another is timidity. But, when you smile at people, you practically show a wonderful impression that you are neither timid nor shy to be among them.

Important Tips To Conquer Stage Fright

Always Prepare for the task ahead. For instance, if you are to do a presentation, give a speech, defend an academic work, or speak in public (especially when you are not familiar with the audience), make sure that you are well prepared for the task. If possible, prepare so that you do not need to hold any paper during the speech.

If you’re a student, take it upon yourself to ask and answer questions in the lecture rooms. And when communicating with people, always look at their foreheads or eyes directly without shying away. However, associating with people without being shy plays a pivotal role in conquering stage fright.

Also, always be bold, audible, demonstrate and take the ground during any presentation, speech, recitation, and other related occasions. To build your self-confidence in one week, it’s important to practice these 8 effective ways we discussed and then sit and watch the magic. However, even if you may not be perfect after one week, you’ll testify to great improvement. This entails that you should continue to work on yourself even after the one-week timeframe.

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