Alternative Fuel Transportation in Nigeria

The country, Nigeria, is blessed with many natural and mineral resources such as Crude Oil, Petroleum, Coal etc. But, petroleum, being one of the mineral resources has made many Nigerians to meet their untimely death during the process of its transportation.

Just few days ago, Gwer East Local Government Area in Makurdi, Benue State recorded more than 50 persons roasted, and about 40 persons seriously injured as a result of fire inferno from a fuel tanker.

This issue of Fuel Explosion (during its transportation to various areas in the country) has become very rampant in Nigeria as its occurrences and ugly experiences have been recorded monthly (if not weekly) in different states of the country, Nigeria.

Not quite long ago, some parts of Lagos State and Calabar recorded such disaster too, and guess what? Everybody relaxed, even the government. Hence, there is an urgent need to make a national policy as regards the better alternative or way(s) to transport Petroleum products in Nigeria.

What Could be Done About This?

Are there no National Strategies and Plans to put in place in order to avert subsequent occurrences? Of course, there should be. The problem has been stated, it is time to proffer solution, and then go for its execution, if corruption will permit us.

In his reaction concerning this, Akyala Ishaku, has suggested that “there could be introduction of pipelines and train takers as a better alternative for the transportation of Petroleum products in Nigeria.”¬†

However, there could be many other strategies to employ in order to get rid of this regular ugly scenario in the country. 

A window is hereby made open for people to share their suggested strategies that the Government would employ in order to get rid of this national disaster. Make use of the comment box below;

N/B: – When this is done, it will not only avert the subsequent occurrences of fuel inferno in Nigeria, but , it will also help to save the lives of Nigerians from being roasted just like lower animals. Again, it will help to prevent the damage of properties and vehicles.

Kindly Share this far and wide until it reaches the Nigerian Government and its Legislatures..

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