Fuel Tanker Explosion in Onitsha

In an accident that looks like a re-occurring one in Nigeria, more than one hundred people have been roasted, many houses, cars, shops and properties burnt, as a petrol tanker approaching from the eastern axis of Upper Iweka along Ochanja in Onitsha in Anambra state exploded.

At the middle hours of today, a tanker conveying petrol through Onitsha exploded at Upper Iweka, Ochanja, at Amobi Junction.

Sadly enough, the Nigerian fire service agency were no where to be found as there was no effort to quench the fire outburst from them.

The issue of Fuel Explosion (during its transportation to various areas in the country) has become very rampant in Nigeria as its occurrences and ugly experiences have been recorded monthly (if not weekly) in different states of the country, Nigeria.

Not quite long ago, some parts of Lagos State and Calabar recorded such disaster too, and guess what? Unfortunately, the Nigerian government has not made any move to get rid of this frequent ugly experience.

In today’s tank explosion in Onitsha, Anambra State, many lives have been lost, as well as valuable properties. Take a look at these videos below;

Petrol Tank Explosion in Onitsha Today

However, there is an urgent need for an alternative to the SYSTEM OF transportation of Fuel from one place to another through road tankers in Nigeria.

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